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First Thanksgiving Without My Oldest

It had to happen sooner or later, right?  My oldest daughter just turned 20 last Monday.  She flew into San Diego and the family got to spend some time together to open presents, eat cake, spoil her mercilessly, and reminisce.  Today, my daughter sent a text asking if it was okay if she stayed at school and go to dinner at her boyfriend’s parents’ house instead.  She said she was tired of flying.  Admittedly, she’s flown home about every two weeks since September so I bet she’s tired of flying home.

I thought I would be more upset, but the reality is that Thanksgiving doesn’t mean as much to me as other holidays.  It seems like a lot of hassle for one meal.  I’d rather do absolutely nothing all day long while hanging out in my pajamas, and just eat dinner at the regular time with no fanfare.  It’s not that I’m not thankful but it seems that proving I’m thanking by slaving all day long in the kitchen doesn’t many any sense especially since the dinner is devoured in 20 minutes or less.  The only truly amazing thing about Thanksgiving are the leftovers.

My daughter wants to spend time with a guy who has a very large family.  They were able to sing happy birthday to her the day before her actual birthday with a cake and candles — all 26 of them.  Can you imagine what that sounded like?  I love that she got that opportunity.  I always wanted a very large family, so much so that I attempted to create my own.

My daughter is not coming home for Thanksgiving and I’m okay with that.


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