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Dieting During the Holidays

I think I have it easier than most when it comes to dieting.  I am in charge of what gets purchased and what gets made for dinner.  Everyone who sits around the table at dinner stops eating when they are full, and their waistlines are a testament to this kind of restraint.  I do not put platters full of food on the table when we eat.  Each person is given their plate with the meal already on it.  If second helpings are wanted, the person has to get up and go to the stove to get it.

I’m the black sheep of the family.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not huge.  I have 10 pounds to lose, give or take a pound, but I’m the only one with a weight issue.  I’m the only one who will keep eating until I am stuffed, and then take one more bite ‘just to be sure.’

Thanksgiving Day is full of everything I really love that is actual food.  What I mean is this:  my usual go-to comfort foods are cake, cookies, sweet breads like pumpkin and banana, pies, candy, and everything else laden with fat and sugar.  Thanksgiving is quite different.  I love the sweet potatoes and the stuffing.

Fortunately this year, I guess I’ve been eating much better because the food I made (same ingredients as usual) tasted too salty and too buttery.  It was all too much.  I didn’t eat nearly what I normally do which is a good thing.  And to make it even more astonishing for everyone, I didn’t have any pie for dessert.

Before we all start high-fiving me and all my restraint, let’s just say that I had less restraint at the restaurants we took my mom to while she was visiting, and one was even a buffet.  Sigh.  A salad buffet full of breads, soups, pastas, and desserts.  Did I pick the fruit like a good girl?  Nah.  I had the frozen yogurt with hot caramel sauce poured on it.  Was it good?  Nope, but I ate it anyway.

I did great last night after dinner until it was time for The Good Wife.  I poured myself a glass of wine, and then another half.  After that bit of alcohol, all my resolve was flushed down the toilet.  I got into the corn chips and the Halloween candy just like a Lab gets into the garbage.  Today I feel yucky.

Changing the way that I eat is going to be a lifetime exercise.  And speaking of exercise, I bought a FitBit today.  I should have it by Wednesday.  I’ll let you know how it goes with some electronic device tracking everything I do including sleep.  Maybe having a constant monitor will make me more likely to get off my butt and outside instead of trying to type a daily blog.  We shall soon see, shan’t we?


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