FitBit Zip Review

My new BFF
My new BFF

Last Wednesday, a FitBit Zip arrived in my mailbox.  I bought it on Amazon.com for about $50 so I was expecting it on Wednesday and Amazon delivered, as usual.

Getting into the package burned some serious calories which meant that the FitBit Zip was already doing its job rather nicely.  After finally releasing it from its packaging, I had about four unrecognizable pieces to put together, and although I had completely torn the box apart, there were no instructions inside.

I recognized the battery and thought I should insert it first.  Since the FitBit Zip is so small, there’s not a whole lot of wondering where the battery goes.  I turned it over, and saw that the FitBit Zip had a way to turn its door to put the battery in, so I walked out to the garage to get a screwdriver.  I inserted the screwdriver into what I thought would be a place to put it but I was wrong.  The door would not move to go from locked to unlocked, so I gave up until Thursday when I thought I would have a wee bit more patience.

On Thursday, I did something a friend of mine always suggests and that’s when you have a question, don’t sit there like an idiot or ask your friends on Facebook, just Google it, and so I did.  And there were the .pdf instructions on how to set up my FitBit Zip as the very first result.

On one hand, I like the fact that the company is using fewer natural resources to get their product out there, but what I don’t like is how I had to be smart enough to Google the instructions.  I am wondering how many people will tumble to that very clever idea?  I ask this in all seriousness because the feedback on my husband’s apps through Critical Hit Software oftentimes demonstrates how unclever people are.

The instructions are very well written and I was soon on my way to counting my steps.  What I like about the FitBit Zip is that it is small enough to hang from the middle of my bra and nobody can see it.  I haven’t tried it with clingier clothes because I tend to wear loose fitting attire.  Even if someone can see that I am wearing a watch-like thing, I’m not sure anyone would mention it.

I wear my FitBit Zip all day long, and here’s the kicker:  it is affecting my behavior.  Instead of attempting to make as few trips to the cupboards from the dishwasher, I am unloading one item at a time.  No longer am I leaving clean clothes at the bottom of the stairs for someone else to bring them up, I am not only taking them up myself, but I am also putting all the clothes away even if it’s the kids’ clothes.  I walked the dog twice yesterday for Pete’s sake.  Need I say more?

I am not using all the FitBit Zip’s features as of yet but as I get to know how to use my new fitness toy, I will add the necessary layers.  I did install the app for my iPhone which is an ok app.  My FitBit synchs automatically with both the website on my computer as well as the app on my iPhone, so I don’t have to spend any time inputting my stats–it’s all done for me wirelessly.

Overall, I like the FitBit Zip.  Its ease of use couldn’t have gotten any easier even with someone like me who doesn’t like to read directions.  It’s very lightweight so I forget the gadget is on me until I get into lazy mode, and then I suddenly jump up so that I can get a few more steps in.  The FitBit Zip has made me keenly aware of how much I am moving on a daily basis, and has created motivation in me to get off my butt.  And the cost was only around $50, so it’s very affordable.  Even though I have MapMyDogWalk on my iPhone, it only maps when I do something very physical which is good but I need to know how to move more throughout the whole day, not just the time I am walking my dog.

Additionally, MapMyDogWalk counts the miles and how long it took me to do the miles whereas the FitBit Zip measures how many steps it took me to get around during the day and converts it to miles.  For example, FitBit said that I walked 6.52 miles yesterday but MapMyDogWalk would have only counted 3.5 – 4.  I did an additional 2 1/2 miles just by going shopping, making dinner, putting laundry away, throwing recyclables out into the trash, etc.  An additional 2 1/2 miles is nothing to sneeze at.  It all counts!  At the end of the week, I will have logged 17.5 additional miles.

Yesterday, I sent a text to a friend of mine saying that I was out walking my FitBit, and although I meant it to be funny, it is kinda true.  I am walking my FitBit.  It’s starting to feel like one of those electronic pets I used to buy my kids but more useful.  I will probably give my gadget a new name if only so that I can quit typing out FitBit Zip any more.

What do you think I should name my FitBit Zip?

2 thoughts on “FitBit Zip Review

    1. I didn’t compare the FitBit to any other product out there. My mom suggested I get it because all her co-workers are having a good time losing weight with it. I have only been using it for less than a week, and it’s already a solid part of my daily routine.

      Let me know what you think of the Force.

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