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My Word for 2014: Discipline

Blue butterfly landed on my hand in Costa Rica
A butterfly signifies change

The hard part about wishing you a Happy New Year is that we are now 5 days into the aforementioned ‘new year.’  Yes, it is technically still brand new since there are many more days of 2014 to enjoy, but I missed the actual date to wish you a good one.

I apologize for being so late.  It was my lack of health that made it difficult to sit down and write.  The call to lie down on the couch was much louder.  My back went out in October, and pain is not my pathway to creativity.  I barely made it through my day being nice let alone being creative.  I must give giants hugs and kudos to those who have suffered in pain for far longer than 3 months, and I know there are many out there who have and continue to do so.

After canceling an event due to back pain, the hostess said she understood, she had been suffering from back pain for over 26 years.  She sent me pictures of her latest back surgery.  When I mentioned to another friend why I was not going to the event, she replied, “Oh, yeah.  I’ve had back pain since 1974.”  I think they win the contest!!  I cannot imagine having pain for years — it is truly bad enough to have it for months.

The worst part of the pain is that if it lasts too long, my hypochondria kicks in, and the Internet feeds this like a first year med student.  I should not ever look up ‘symptoms of ____ cancer’ because I can tell you that each one of these says, “Although these are the symptoms of xyz cancer, the symptoms usually do not show up until the cancer has spread and there’s no more hope of survival.  Symptoms include:  itching, the urge to breathe, blinking one’s eyes, a slight increase in hair loss, and sweating.  Should you have these symptoms, call your doctor immediately.”

My back pain has subsided somewhat so I hope to come back to blogging.  I received my year in review from WordPress and in 2012, I only did 19 posts, but in 2013, I completed 56.  That’s a little more than one per week which is amazing for me, and nearly 3 times what I did in 2012.  I’d like to double the posts I write this year.  I have plenty of material to write about, now I just need the discipline.  And now I have found my word for the year.

May 2014 be the year where you and I both find the discipline to follow-through on goals, desires, wishes, and dreams.


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