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What I’ve Noticed Today Is…My FitBit

Sometimes a product comes along for health, fitness, and weight loss that is so easy that even I can use it.  Sure, my husband writes apps for a living which is highly technical, but that doesn’t mean that his technical abilities somehow permeated my skin and followed a path up to my brain.  Sadly, no.  When it comes to technology, I know I’m not too bad, but I definitely don’t know what my kids know–that’s for sure.

And now that my word for 2014 is discipline, I have found I have the discipline to put my FitBit on me each day and I am moving at least 10,000 steps.  At some point during the day, I poke at my FitBit to see where I am and then make the necessary adjustments.  One can sometimes find me running around in circles in my house, going from my kitchen to my family room, into the hallway, through the formal dining room, and back into the kitchen again.  Gotta get my 10,000 steps in!

All this discipline from something that is no bigger than the face of a watch.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Noticed Today Is…My FitBit

  1. Happy 2014!

    I’m sure the kids are especially enjoying watching your discipline in action! 😉
    Glad to see it’s working out for you, keep up the good work!

    1. Happy 2014 back to you, Estrella! Yes, I think my kids have noticed a little bit. The hard part is getting them to care about their future, and part of their healthy future is eating right and exercising. My middle daughter used to go to an exercise class a few times every week. She convinced me that she would work out at home. Well, we all know how that works out…

      I just spoke to her this week about getting back on the horse but she came down with a cold this morning so that will mean a slight delay.

      The youngest heads back to roller derby tonight. Because she’s been a slug for weeks, this should be quite the wake-up call.

      I plan on writing a post today and then heading out for a walk. My dog is enjoying my newfound discipline 😉

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