What I’ve Noticed Today Is…I’m Not a Racist

Somebody who doesn’t know me just called me a judgmental racist because of an opinion I shared on Facebook about Richard Sherman’s behavior on camera after “The Big Game.”  I wrote the opinion after reading a post on HuffingtonPost.com a friend shared on her wall.  I must admit that I don’t follow football and I sure as hell don’t know Richard Sherman beyond what I saw all over the news last night.  My impression of him is poor but it is because of his behavior rather than the color of his skin.  Why do people assume that because I am white that I am racist?  Isn’t that reverse racism?

No, sorry, I judge people on their behavior and not by their color, their religion, their sexual orientation, ethnicity, or by any other measure.  People are their unguarded reactions, and their reactions are a choice they make whether in the heat of the moment or after weeks of thinking.  As Jamie Lee Curtis says in the movie Freaky Friday to Lindsay Lohan as she drops her off at school, “Make good choices!”



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