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What I’ve Noticed Today Is…Facebook is Fantastic for Fathers


My love/hate relationship with Facebook continues but I’ve recently noticed something that had not been readily apparent to me before, and that is Facebook has brought out the sweetness in my male friends who have recently become fathers.

One friend of mine posts so many cute pictures of his newborn son that I feel as if I already know the baby, and I’ve never even met him.  Another friend gushes about his daughters’ accomplishments and shows the very funny side of single fatherhood.  He has posted pictures of what it’s like to be a single dad in Wal-mart with three young daughters.  Hilarious.  Another man shows the pride he feels in his sons by taking pictures of their fat lips, hanging-on-by-a-thread black, blue and bloody fingernails, and broken appendages.  Whatever works, right?

Dads all over the world can share that they are just as sentimental as moms in a safe environment where they’ll get lots of likes and positive feedback.  The atta boys from the Facebook family makes people feel good, even the more stoic and quiet of the group.

Facebook has created a safe environment for men to be proud fathers, and has produced a generation of people who respect and recognize that fathers have deep feelings for their children, too.


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