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What I Noticed Today Is…A San Diego Radio Station KPRI

What I noticed today is a local San Diego radio station kept two generations in suspense on the daily drive to school.  KPRI (102.1 on the dial) managed to stump both my daughter and me for over a week.

Every day, KPRI has an “impossible question” that allows listeners to call in and guess the answer to various questions.  Most days the questions are something like, “10 percent of women find this annoying in a man on the first date.”  The answers can be very interesting and telling about a person’s character.  Some answers are concerning.

Last week, though, the radio show host got deep and asked “What are the three keys to happiness?”  So many people answered with the typical responses like:  being healthy, wealthy, and wise; having love, family, and purpose, etc.  All answers were really good but not right.

My daughter and me talked everyday about what the answer was until yesterday when we came up with what we thought was the answer:  charity, community, and adaptability.  I even got the phone number for KPRI, put it in my contacts, and we called nonstop this morning.  We never got through but this is the first time we have ever tried calling a radio station before.

Most people have no problem calling radio shows and winning things, but my daughter and me both have social anxiety so calling for us is a challenge.  KPRI got us both to come out from where we hide and call.

Nope.  Not even close.  Despite being sure we were on the right track, we weren’t even in the ballpark with our answer.

The correct answer is….the three keystrokes that make up the smiley face 🙂  The three keys to happiness is the smiley face emoticon.

Well done, Madison, well done.  You managed two generations talking, debating, and interacting in the morning rather than the usual teenage daughter staring at her phone while mom stares off into space.  You made us comfortable enough to call, and you made us think.  In the morning…yes, I know–amazing!

All this from a local radio station.  Oh, and we got to listen to great music in between callers.  🙂


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