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5 Clues Your Text Conversation is Over

What a weird topic, right?  But I needed to nudge myself to get writing again.  I wanted some topic (any topic) to jumpstart my mind to becoming more creative again.  I feel as if I’ve lost my muse and I want to find him again.  If it’s not today, maybe it will be tomorrow, or the next day.  Whenever it is, I will know because each post will flow from my fingers flying across the keyboard into my WordPress site.  Wishful thinking?  Gawd, I hope not!

In no particular oder, here are the 5 Clues Your Text Conversation is Over:

1.  The texts from your friend were nearly a chapter long but now have dwindled down to a sentence or two.

2.  The texts were coming at you rapid fire (you could barely keep up!) but now there’s a minute or longer lag time.  Then a 5 minute lapse…This is how you know your friend has moved on to share his/her exciting information with another text buddy.  You’re old news!

3.  The response to your reply text is a 3 or 4 letter acronym like LOL or ROFL.

4.  The response to your text is an emoticon of some sort 🙂

5.  And of course, no reply means the texter has fully left the building and you’re left to crickets.

Okay, there you go.  How do you know when your text conversation is ovah?




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