What I Noticed Today Is…The Loss of a Child’s Life

I feel I have no business writing this post because I did not know the victim but I feel compelled nonetheless.  After all, the 14-year-old girl who died on Thursday in a terrible car crash attended my youngest daughter’s school for over a year, and a life, even as short as Dana’s, is worth writing about.

My daughter didn’t know her either but because she was in a grade above her but I know she knew of her.  The school is far too small for my daughter to not have noticed her or maybe even spoken to Dana.  The classes are set-up where 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are all together for some parts of the day, or they pass each other in the tiny hallway.  In total, there may be less than 50 kids in these grades.

I’m afraid to go in search of Samantha’s yearbook because I know as soon as I see Dana’s picture, I will remember her.  As a frequent volunteer at the school, I know I’ve seen her and the ache of loss will be even greater.  Right now I am insulating myself from the pain.

What I noticed today is the loss of a child means so much more.  As an adult, I know all that she will miss.  Dana will never experience her first dance, her first boyfriend, her first kiss.  She will never to make it high school.  She will never get to wear a gown to prom or ride in a limo to get there.  Dana will never get her driver’s permit or license.  She will never do the college tour with her family and choose a college to attend.  She will never live in a dorm or join a sorority.  Dana will never get the job of her dreams.  She will never travel around the globe.  Dana will never meet the love of her life.  She will never marry and have kids.  She will never watch her kids grow up and go to high school and college.  Dana will never be a grandmother.  Her life ended at 14 before life really begins.

Dana has died, and in her passing onto whatever is next, she has reminded me to hug and kiss my girls more often, tell I love them every day, and to make sure their lives are so filled with so much more than video games and iPhones.

Today marks one week since Dana died in a horrific car crash.  It has taken me this long to be able to type without tears and try to figure out what to say.  Although none of this is profound, it was somewhat therapeutic to me in a tragic way.  Today I will have a moment of silence at 4 p.m. for Dana.  I hope she is at peace.




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