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Touch&Know Discreet At-Home Drug Testing Kit for Parents Who Need to Know NOW

What is this in my daughter's backpack?
What is this in my daughter’s backpack?

Rifling through my purse the other day, searching frantically for something important while at a hotel out of town, I started pulling things out of side pockets, pouches, and every nook and cranny looking for…well, I don’t even remember at this point.

My daughter looked at a plastic baggy full of a white powder, and with wide eyes asked, “Mom, what is that?”

I looked to where her eyes were transfixed, and knew instantly why she was concerned.

My plastic baggy full of white powder looked like cocaine to the untrained eye, but it was simply Z-Sweet, a sugar substitute I cannot live without especially in hotel coffee.

I knew it wasn’t cocaine but to anybody passing by the spectacle of me digging through my purse might think differently.

What if the roles were reversed and I found a baggy full of white powder in my daughter’s backpack or in her jeans while doing laundry?  How would I know what the substance is without confronting and accusing my daughter of possessing drugs?  And what if I were wrong?  What if the found substance was something innocent?  Now I’ve lost my daughter’s trust, and I’ve cried wolf.

What if my daughter is doing drugs?
What if my daughter is doing drugs?

Back in the Dark Ages, if a parent wanted to know whether or not her daughter were doing drugs, she would have to get a urine sample (ew!), or a hair sample (120 hairs at the root-ouch!) and wait for the lab to get back to them.  Many days would pass, and maybe the lab loses the sample, or loses the results.  Like that’s not happened before!

And then there’s article after article on the Web about how to cheat on those tests.  Kids today have the Cliff Notes on avoiding detection by a parent.

A simple test will let you know!
A simple test will let you know!

Those days are gone, however, with a very easy to use at-home kit available at Walgreen’s.  For only $18.49, a parent can know if it’s drugs in only 5 quick steps.  Each box contains two tests.  One is for general drug screening of 20 different drugs such as heroin, crack, cocaine, and the second box is for Marijuana and Hashish.  It’s 99% accurate with no loss of time sending urine or hair to a lab.  In fact, no urine or hair is needed.

Most importantly, the parent tests the substance, not the relationship.

I got the opportunity to use Touch&Know and it was incredibly easy.  Essentially, if you know how to break a glow stick, you already know how to use the Touch&Know Drug Testing kit.

Although I hope I never need the Touch&Know kit for my girls, it gives me a convenient and discreet option if I need to know now.

Find it? Test it!
Find it? Test it!

For more information and the latest product updates, go visit Touch& Know’s website.

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Disclaimer:  Although this is a sponsored review, the experience and the thoughts are my own.


One thought on “Touch&Know Discreet At-Home Drug Testing Kit for Parents Who Need to Know NOW

  1. What an enlightening post! I think making drug tests easy and accessible will help in preventing children and teens from trying drugs, and ultimately becoming addicted.

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