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The News Ain’t All Bad

After rereading my post yesterday about the local news coverage of all the San Diego fires and its impact on my friendships, I feel the need to set the record straight.  Even though many of my friends didn’t contact me to check-in with my family to make sure we were safe during the recent Poinsettia Fire (I was a little hurt about that), I am extremely grateful to Channel 10 news.  My family and I were stationed around our TV waiting for any hint that suggested we should leave.

Without the blow-by-blow account of the Poinsettia Fire, we wouldn’t have known when to worry and when to remain calm.  Without the local news, we also wouldn’t have known about Reverse 911.  Although the site was overwhelmed on Wednesday, I was able to sign up on Thursday morning.  Any future emergencies will go to my cell phone which is a relief (as long as it works!).

The local news certainly has a valuable place in society and I’m grateful for the lengthy, in-depth coverage of the recent numerous San Diego fires.


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