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When a Neighbor’s Hobby Bugs You

Red Drum
Red Drum

Honestly, I do not feel like writing today but I’m doing it because I told Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development that I would to honor his dad who passed away this week with making a blog post.  You see, his dad followed through on running for exercise nearly every single day.  I have made schedules for writing but I have NOT followed through every single day.  Michael’s dad lived to be over 90 years old, whereas my blog may not last the next 90 days unless I start writing for it regularly.

Walking down the street the other night, I noticed a garage band playing again.  The band plays their music very loudly every time I walk past, and that is what prompted me to write about when a neighbor’s hobby bugs you.

Neighbors:  they can be good and they can be bad or even awful.  For example, one of my neighbors goes on a motorcycle ride every weekend morning.  Forget ever sleeping in, this man will make sure of it with his very loud and very large bike that he warms up for 15 minutes prior to leaving.  Nice!  Toxic fumes float inside my bedroom window along with the noise pollution.

I love it when people have hobbies, but wouldn’t it be nice if their hobbies didn’t conflict with your desires (sleeping)?

My other neighbor’s hobby appears to be entertaining.  If I’m really honest with myself, I’m partially envious that they not only have enough friends to entertain, but they have enough stamina to work 90 hours a week and then come home and party all weekend.  The only upside to these neighbors’ parties is that if I’m bored, I can go outside and listen to their party talk.  Sometimes it’s gets more or more interesting as the evening wears on and the drinks start to take effect.  No, I’m not doing anything illegal and I’m definitely not stalking–I live in California so my roof is precisely 10 feet from their roof.  You try not hearing what people are saying when they’re practically in your backyard.  I can’t wait to move to somewhere less congested!

My old neighbors used to work out on exercise machines in their garage.  The guy was particularly funny as he grunted, groaned and gagged while lifting too much weight or ran on the treadmill.  I wish his working out had motivated me to do more working out myself, but unfortunately it just made me giggle.

Now it is your turn to share with me what your neighbors do that bug YOU!



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