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Back to School

Sign of the Times
Sign of the Times

Today was the last day I could sleep in without getting in trouble with the Principal, at least (yes, it is all about me ;-).  Tomorrow is the first day of school for my youngest daughter.  It’s her final year of middle school before she’s off to high school.  I think I feel a tear of nostalgia welling up.

When I started this post it was to lament the loss of summer, and to complain about having to get up early for the next week but in reality, it’s time for the kids to go back.  We are all out of ideas as to what kind of activities to do each day which is a funny way to decide that it’s time for school, but yet there it is.  Nothing to do = time for some learnin’!

We live in San Diego which is chock full of stuff to do for kids but we’ve done them all this year.  Everything including things one wouldn’t imagine a kid would want to do like going to the San Diego Museum of Art (it was a hit, by the way), the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, the Birch Aquarium (I loved this visit–yes, it’s still about me), and to a birthday party for a child young enough to necessitate the rental of a bouncy (the bouncy thing elicited gushes of joy–I’ve put it on my daughter’s birthday wish list even though she’s a tad old for one).

As you can see from my list, we’re nearing the end of the things to do in San Diego, so with a somewhat heavy heart, I say good-bye to this summer and welcome the new school year.  May it be the best one for everyone!


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