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Facebook Friend Carnage

What’s with all the people who post on Facebook about how they’ve recently cleaned house, unfriended people left and right?  Is this supposed to make me feel good that I’ve somehow managed to avoid being part of the carnage?  Am I supposed to be overjoyed that the Facebook friend has deemed my friendship worthy because they’ve let me hang out on their wall for another day?  Is it a threat to my future as their friend?  Will knowing what my friends are capable of make me ‘behave’ myself and become more like them just to avoid the embarrassment of searching for them to see what they’re up to one day only to realize I’ve been unfriended?

Do they think they’re that special?  In fact, their thinly veiled threat usually has the opposite effect on me–I want to unfriend them.  Take the pressure off my behavior so that I can continue writing whatever I want and often.  And that is why I’m not friends with my husband on Facebook–he constantly talked to me about what I was saying IRL so I unfriended him.  Although that seems a bit harsh, the ‘talkings to’ I was getting was worth the peace.

People (including my husband) don’t get the fact that it’s MY wall, MY thoughts, MY rants, MY happy thoughts, MY depressed thoughts, MY whatever in the same way your wall is your wall to express yourself.  If you want to post play-by-play action of a football game, that’s great but I may mute you for the day or simply scroll past your frustration without commenting or liking.

Although it may be an effective way to keep friends ‘in line,’ I don’t unfriend people unless they’re really crazy.  One gal, during the elections posted that Democrats were ‘rats’ because that was part of the name and Republicans were people who ‘can’ for the same reason; it was too much stupidity for one day so I unfriended her.  And, frankly, that wasn’t the first time she had posted some inane comment about politics.  I don’t mind if someone has a legitimate opinion but to resort to elementary school behavior akin to name-calling, well, that’s the ass of another color.

If someone truly bugs the crap out of me, I simply take them out of my feed.  Problem solved and nobody’s feelings get hurt (or at least I don’t know if they’re hurt or not).

So, if anything I’ve said bothers you, feel free to unfriend me–I may welcome the freedom.


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