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Thoughtful or -less

Orange body scrub suitable for Halloween
Orange body scrub suitable for Halloween

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am not telling you this because I want a whole bunch of Happy Birthdays, but I’m telling you because it explains why I received a gift from a friend of mine.

Let me give you a little back story.  About once a month or so, I meet with two friends for lunch.  Back in October, on the day before Halloween, one of my friends showed me what she had made for the teachers at our monthly lunch gathering:  an orange body scrub.  She did a nice enough job and used coconut oil.  Kudos to her for using an expensive oil to create so many body scrubs.  It was a thoughtful gift for the teachers.  She even added bits of orange peel to it and wrapped up the jars beautifully in white tissue paper and cellophane.

Flash forward to an early December lunch to celebrate one of the friend’s birthdays.  I brought the birthday girl a beautiful card and two cupcakes from a specialty bakery she likes.  She’s a chef so getting her food she can taste test is appreciated.  By no means was my gift expensive, maybe around $20 total but it was specific to the Birthday Girl.  Sabrina (not her real name) gave the Birthday Girl the body scrub from Halloween that she made for the teachers.

And last night, she gave me the orange body scrub that is from Halloween and was intended for our school’s teachers.

Thoughtful or -less?


P.S.  It’s only fair to mention here that she’s not hurting for money in any way.


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