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6-Word Day for 7 Days

I’ll be the first to admit that writing anything is not coming to me easily this year.  I’m not sure what happened but it’s like the well is completely dry, and I’m not really all that thirsty.

I did manage, however, to play a game called 6-word days inspired by Judy Clement Wall in her 52 Weeks: 52 Ways to Love Your (Wild) Self.  I knew that none of my flakey friends would follow-through if I asked them to play so I asked a friend I’ve never met in person but have gotten to know over time through her blog and through our mutual friend at Milliver’s Travels.

Fortunately, Estrella Azul (read her 6-word experience) agreed to play and the adventure began with finding a way to describe my entire day, a full 24 hours, in just six words.  Playing this game had the benefit of making me focus on what was really important about the day.  Some days were slower than others but some days were sad and disappointing for me.  Bottom line?  I loved playing this game although on some days it could have been a 6-word morning and then a 6-word evening because the day was that different.

Here was my week last week summarized in just six words:

  • Barely awake after Super Bowl Party
  • I hate talking on the phone
  • Spent the whole day on Pinterest
  • Don’t ever buy a Range Rover
  • Learned about making cold press coffee
  • I can’t count on my friends
  • Watched Grammys instead of writing story

I’m going to continue playing this game on Twitter even if nobody plays with me.  It seems to help me focus.


One thought on “6-Word Day for 7 Days

  1. It was interesting to see how different each day’s six-word summary was, and you pointed out one of my thoughts, too, which I forgot to mention yesterday, since I wasn’t really thinking clearly with this cold. Many of my day’s six words could’ve been morning 6 words, afternoon 6 words or evening 6 words – some days can turn around from good to bad and vice versa in just one moment!

    Thank you so much for playing with me, Cathie, it was such a fun fun fun experience! I’d love to continue playing with you, if you’re up for it, all the bonuses you told me about apply to myself as well 🙂

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