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Press Me for Coffee

New press to add to my collection
New press for my collection

My mom visited my husband and me one time a few years ago.  My mom is rather fussy when it comes to coffee and she didn’t want to drink the coffee that came from our Mr. Coffee (or some equivalent brand) so she went shopping for a French press.

After my mom returned home, the French press was placed in a cupboard and forgotten about for a very long time–it may have been a year or two.

One day, as I was getting a glass out of the cupboard, I spied the clear cylinder and became curious about whether or not the coffee tasted any better.

The next morning, I pulled the interesting contraption out of its resting spot and googled how to make coffee in a French press.  Thank goodness for Google and YouTube, yes?

In no time, I was putting scoops of coffee in the glass jar and pouring hot water over them.  Some experts suggested the steeping time should be five minutes and others were 15.  We decided that somewhere between those two extremes may be perfection.

Eight minutes later, I shoved the plunger down the glass until the it was as close to bottom as possible and poured my first cuppa French press.

Who knew that coffee could taste this good? Heaven literally opened up and sang in my mouth. It was so different, so full of flavor that I knew right then that I’d never go back to drip coffee ever again no matter how much of a pain in the butt making French press coffee is.

Each day,  I stumble downstairs, fill up the electric kettle (something we discovered in England), and prepare the press for the first pot of coffee.  The whole process takes at least 20 minutes.  There are days when I miss my quick and easy Mr. Coffee but I certainly don’t miss the taste.  When I have coffee from a coffeemaker that plugs into the wall these days, all I can taste is the paper.

I am writing about French press coffee today because I had to buy a new press yesterday.  The old one seems to be failing–there’s more and more grounds and sediment at the bottom of my coffee cup each day.  I did a little research and found what is supposedly the best French press.  We have the Bodum brand which has been fine, but after reading the article, I’m a little curious about what makes the Frieling so much better so I bought one this morning from Amazon.  It should be here on Wednesday.

Cheers to my mom who opened my eyes to one of the finer things in life: really well-made coffee, an indulgence almost everyone can afford.




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