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What to Do if You Don’t Like Wheatgrass

A shot of health
A shot of health

I used to think that it was completely normal to have burps that smelled and tasted like grass when I’d do a wheatgrass shot from a local juice store.  I often wondered if this is what cows had to deal with every day.

Even though I know that wheatgrass shots are good for me, I would reluctantly drive myself to the juice place every day until the day came when I couldn’t do it any more.

The store owner juiced my wheatgrass and would hand it over to me in a shot glass on a plate.  I’d stare at it willing it to just get inside me without having to taste it.  Time would pass and I’d finally feel pressure from the owner to just do it, dammit!

I’d throw it back like it was a shot of tequila but would almost gag it back up.  Standing near the door, I’d take deep breaths and hope that I didn’t embarrass myself by throwing up a fountain of green.

Gagging at a place that sells smoothies, juices, and wheatgrass is not exactly great advertising so I stopped going.  I’m sure the owner was grateful.

Fast forward to last month and my ob/gyn suggested I start having a daily wheatgrass shot.  She said that it was one of the best things I could do for my health.  I cringed as I remembered my past experiences with wheatgrass but I was determined to get past my lurching stomach and do what needed to be done to improve my health.

Wheatgrass juice is very good for the body and helps with detoxification and removing heavy metals.  For more information on the health benefits of wheatgrass, either Google ‘benefits of wheatgrass’ or I’ve provided a link to another site here.

I searched online for organic wheatgrass options in my area and came up with Fountain of Youth Juice in Encinitas.  Driving over to the store, I was determined to go inside with my big girl britches on, and  take my medicine.  After all, I had a couple health scares involving the “C” word and taking a wheatgrass shot was a far better option than the alternative.

With great reluctance I ordered the wheatgrass shot and waited while the young guy made it fresh for me.  We talked a little bit and I found out that he was the son of the owner of the juice store.  He said that since he started working for his family and juicing, he’d lost 40 lbs!  He looked fantastic and his energy levels and humor were high.

The tiny Dixie Cup of 2 oz of wheatgrass was placed before me on the counter and I stared at its neon greenness.  I paid $2.65 (cheapest price around for a 2 oz shot) and headed toward the door, determined to finish the shot before I got to the garbage can so that I could dispose of my cup.

Tilting my head back, I brought the cup to my lips and made the green liquid disappear.  And then I stopped in my tracks.  Wait, was that actually delicious?  I waited for the gag reflex to hit me but nothing came.  I threw my cup out and and walked to my car.  I thought perhaps it was just a one-hit wonder.  After all, every single wheatgrass shot before this one had tasted awful.  Why would this one taste ok and every other one I’ve ever had taste like dirt?

The following day, I drove over to the The Fountain of Youth Juice again even though the other juice store is much closer to my house.  I ordered another shot and downed it.  Same experience–it was sweet without any bite or bitter aftertaste.  The wheatgrass shot went down easy again.

The next day, it was a repeat of the previous two days and it has continued to this day.

One day I was at a local crunchy store and saw they had wheatgrass shots.  I decided to try theirs to compare to the Fountain of Youth.  The crunchy store is within walking distance of my house so I thought that would be an excellent way to make sure I got my wheatgrass in every day–no excuses about how far I had to drive or that I didn’t have enough time to get my juice in.

I downed my shot and nearly gagged it out all over the grocery floor.  Yuck!  Sputtering and coughing, the counter person asked if I was okay.  I just smiled and said that it had gone down the wrong pipe.

Lesson learned.  Wheatgrass varies from store to store.  If you don’t like wheatgrass, maybe it’s because you have gotten it from a store without a tasty crop.  Try this health potion at various places around your own community and find a store that makes a great tasting wheatgrass.  I know that I will never again stray from The Fountain of Youth Juice in Encinitas.

Join me for the month of August in getting a wheatgrass every day.  Make sure to take it on an empty stomach for best absorption.  Unfortunately Fountain of Youth Juice is not open on Sundays so I’ll have to get it from somewhere less desirable but my goal is to see how I feel from today and compare it to the 31st.

Let me know if you’re up for this challenge by commenting below.



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