Why I Don’t Go Out in Public Often

Here’s why I don’t go out in public often:

I took a couple of my girls shopping yesterday to a mall I have not been to in many years.  I’m not sure why I have never made it down to this particular mall for so long but it has recently gone under a major renovation, and it is now a ‘destination’ mall complete with places to sit and hang out, a giant TV screen in the center, and lots of upscale shopping (Tiffany’s is there along with Nordstrom’s, Lululemon, Macy’s, Restoration Hardware, and so many more that I cannot remember them all!).

On our way to Lush Handmade Cosmetics, a different place caught my eye and the girls and I walked in.  It was a cosmetics and body potions kind of place that doesn’t use any chemicals or toxins in their products.  Everyone chirped at the same time, “Perfect place for you!”

Yep, I agreed and the girls and I started applying various creams, scrubs, and make-up to our clean hands and arms.  The smells were divine and seemed so real.  And then the clerk started checking in with us often, noticing anything we picked up and he would start telling us all about it.  I don’t know why this annoys me but when I shop, I like to shop privately.  Having someone constantly in my thoughts as I sample is disrupting to my shopping process.

I moved onto the next table where I was looking at other items to smell and sample and that’s when the clerk pounced on me personally and left the girls to themselves.

Clerk: have you tried our coffee eye cream? It helps with wrinkles, dark circles,etc.

I think I am in good shape so I politely put some on my hand but don’t put a tube in my basket.

The Clerk continues: It’s our most popular product and you can see a change in about a week.

I purse my lips and wonder what he’s getting at.

He looks intently at my eye area. I ignore him because he can’t be talking about ME.

I buy $144 of various beauty products.

He’s done ringing me up and says, “I put a TON of coffee eye cream samples in your bag.”

And sure enough, as I peered into my bag, he had.

Agoraphobia take me away!


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