7 Weird Things I Do for My Pets

Billy the cat when he could jump onto the counter.
Billy the cat when he could jump onto the counter.

This morning I read a cute article by my friend, Estrella Azul, about how things have changed in her household since the addition of her cat, Pixel.  This article inspired me to write one of my own articles because I know my husband and I do some weird things for our Labradoodle, Pearl, and our Tuxedo cat, Billy.

Here are the top 5 weird things my husband and I do for our pets (in no particular order):

1.)  We bought and installed a baby gate to keep Pearl downstairs.  My understanding is that dogs can get overwhelmed in too large of a space so we made it smaller and more manageable for her.  Although we have 3 children, we have never before had a baby gate.  The babies didn’t get a baby gate but the dog does.

2.)  Billy’s food bowl used to be on top of the counter next to the stove but Billy has become a geriatric cat so we sacrificed a much needed cupboard and put his food and water bowl on the bottom shelf.  We leave the door open all the time so that he can get food whenever he wants.  Although the chronically open cupboard drives me crazy, I keep it that way for my cat.  And this is probably a 2 a) When we get our remodel done (if ever–don’t ask, don’t get me started), we have a custom made piece of furniture being created completely for Billy and Pearl–it will have a Billy garage for his food and it will have a bin for Pearl food with a place to store leashes, poop bags, collars, etc.

3.)  Pearl only likes a certain kind of pigs’ ears treats and I can only find them on Amazon, so every 10 days or so, I have to logon to Amazon to order more.  Several times a month, we get deliveries on our doorstop that are only for Pearl.

4.)  Speaking of Billy’s food, any time we feed Billy, Pearl comes trotting into the kitchen even if she’s been in a deep, deep sleep because she gets a handful of cat food, something she loves.  Yes, I feed my dog cat food.

5.)  Never before adopting Pearl did I get this much exercise.  My husband and I switch off taking Pearl for her nightly walk.  I walk 4 miles every other evening.  Because of Pearl, I now have an athlete’s heart (words spoken to me by my doctor).  I suppose this one might fall under things my pets do for me.

6.)  Cats are nocturnal creatures and sometimes need their humans in the middle of the night.  My husband and I leave our door ajar to allow Billy to move freely in and out of our room if he needs a little visit.

7.)  Billy has a curfew.  Yes, I know.  He’s a cat and will not do much of anything we ask.  Imagine telling a cat to fetch! or sit!  Not gonna happen.  The problem is that we have coyotes in California that would love to eat our pleasantly plump pussycat so we make sure Billy is inside the house before sundown.  We go through all sorts of shenanigans to get him to come in but we will not rest until he is safely inside the family compound.

I’m sure that once I start thinking about this topic further, I will remember more weird things I do for my pets.  In the meantime, what are some of the weird things you do for your pets?




One thought on “7 Weird Things I Do for My Pets

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy my blog post prompted you to write one of your own! Such a cute read to wake up to 🙂
    I love how you have baby gates now, but never had one for the kids. That’s just such a pet owner thing to hear about!

    Just yesterday, we sound-proofed a wall in the apartment (even though it was one day, I’m pooped and can’t decide which body part hurts more. So, I understand you completely on the remodel!). Anyway, after we’ve finished at nearly midnight, we first had to clean Pixel up with baby wipes before going into the shower ourselves, because he got into every little nook and cranny full of dust and construction materials.
    He is now sound asleep in front of the window, sun shining on him. He’s happy we’re not turning the apartment upside down today as well *laughing*

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