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Product Review: Safe Beauty Products for Every Body

Beautycounter Body and Hair ProductsBack in September, I attended a conference in Manhattan Beach, California.  It was called #ShiftCon and it was put on for bloggers (and others) interested in healthy, safe products.  Many people attended and each of us became better informed about GMOs, preservatives in foods, the DARK Act, harmful ingredients in beauty products and in other products like mattresses.  And while we were learning, we were served delicious food produced ethically and locally sourced (except maybe the insanely delicious Amy’s Mac ‘n Cheese and Stonyfield Soy Yogurt which I can’t find anywhere in north San Diego County.

Although I attended many talks during the days I was there, I kept gravitating toward the seminars that involved beauty products.  As a daily user of 22 products on my face and body (yes, 22), I wanted to see how terrified I should be.  Turns out, it’s amazing I’m still alive.

The main beauty industry speakers were women from a company called Beautycounter.  I had never heard of them before even though they’re located in Santa Monica (I’m only about 90 miles south of them).  I was impressed with the presentations because of the women’s enthusiasm not only for their company’s products but because they were enthusiastic about getting safe products into everyone’s hands whether it’s their products or another company’s.

Yes, they create safe and effective beauty products but they are also speaking to Congress to encourage lawmakers to look at the laws that govern what companies can put into beauty products.  Turns out the European Union is far stricter than the U.S.  Not sure why I’m surprised.  The EU has banned over 1300 products that companies cannot put into their creations, whereas the US has only banned 11.

Beautycounter is not only a business creating products but also a company attempting to enforce safety standards for all personal care products businesses.

After the long weekend at ShiftCon was over, I kept returning again and again to the Beautycounter website to see what they had, learn their mission statement, and of course, check out their products.

I ordered the shampoo, conditioner, and the body wash.  I figured if those worked, I would purchase some other items.  In the past when I’ve bought safe products, they haven’t worked.  My hair ends up frizzy in the shower, and flat out of the shower.  And the body wash from other companies can be a bit too all-natural in that the smell is not pleasant.

I have also bought ‘all-natural’ products from other companies that purport to be safe but then when I’ve looked them up on the EWG website, they are rated a 4 (or higher!) for toxicity.  Beautycounter has partnered with the EWG so I can find all that info right on Beautycounter’s website.  Each product has its EWG number right on its individual page.  No more hunting and searching for the info.

My first time using the body products was a joy to the senses as well as the body parts.  The shampoo was effective and sudsy.  I know the suds aren’t what’s cleaning my hair but who doesn’t want the suds?  It makes you feel like it’s working better.  The shampoo smells heavenly as does the body wash.  They’re all Citrus Mimosa and all ingredients are safe.  Missing from the ingredients list are sodium laureth sulfate, Methychloroisothiazolinone, and methylisothiazolinone.  Additionally, Beautycounter has a list of Nevers for their products, as in “Never gonna use that!”

Even though the appearance of bottles shouldn’t impact decisions about whether or not to buy, let’s be honest, a pretty package certainly helps.  Beautycounter has elegant, modern, sophisticated packaging that will make any bathroom or bedroom look, feel, and smell like a spa.  Each part of the packaging is recyclable so you can feel good about not putting your empty shampoo bottles into the landfill.

I was so impressed with these three products (and subsequent purchased products), I joined the company (it’s a direct sales company), and bought the basic body products for all my girls, who, even though they don’t use as many products as I do, they should learn how to make informed decisions that won’t end up giving them cancer one day.  They love them as much as I do, fortunately!

Because I have joined the company, if you buy anything from my website (unsolicited tip: try the sugar scrub to get off your dry winter skin and then put some of the luxurious and heavenly smelling body butter in your cart), I will receive a commission; however, my opinion on Beautycounter products is my own.  I use all the products because of their high quality and because they work.

To learn more about Safe Cosmetics, go to this site, and spend some major time on the EWG site, too.  Educate yourself.  You will be glad you did.  Your skin is your body’s largest organ after all, and it’s important you only put the safest products on it.



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