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Texting Love Daily to Those You, Um, Love

"Hey, do we have any spinach?"
“Hey, do we have any spinach in the fridge?”

I must admit that I have not been very good to myself this week.  I drank too much.  I ate too much.  I berated myself for thinking we wouldn’t need a moving van when a moving van would have made life a whole lot simpler.  I was in fear a lot of the time due to the weather and some personal family stuff going on.

All-in-all, I was in a place of simply “getting through the day.”  Have you ever been there?  Unfortunately, there seemed to be many of those days strung together for me.  It only ended when I plopped into bed at night, shut my eyes and waited for the sleep angel to take me to tomorrow.

Texting love daily (my homework for this week) didn’t always happen.  In fact it happened so little that I can easily give myself a failing grade for this assignment.  I was too busy packing box after box and thinking about the looming deadline of the move to think about love.  The only thing I loved about myself this week was that my back didn’t give out until the very last day of the deadline, and by then, my husband was mostly done from his bout of flu so he helped more.

I did send a couple texts to my daughters.  My oldest daughter received a random text that I loved her photography and wished I had her talent.  She replied cautiously and wanted to know specifically what I liked, which picture?  What made me decide to tell her that I loved her picture of the London Eye now?

In other words, she was suspicious of my motives.

Tried it on another child who replied, “Ok.  Lol. How tired are you?”

Suspicious daughter #2.

I didn’t even bother with #3 nor did I send one to my sister or my mom.  As for my husband, we aren’t quite best buds so it would’ve been weird.  Perhaps if I had texted love daily, we would be better buds, but he’s even more suspicious so I imagine a scene in which I say something positive and he replies, “Let me guess, you’re out of money again.”  And then this assignment which is supposed to make us closer, takes us further apart.  Yeah, that’d be us.

The bottom line is my first week and my first assignment was an epic fail.  What I learned from this is that I will have to ease into texting love daily, get people used to not only hearing from me (I’m not a heavy duty texter) but hearing why I love them.

A friend of mine had a stroke on Christmas Day.  I kept meaning to schedule a day to go grab a coffee with her but it never happened because I was too busy, and now I’m filled with regret.  It is this regret that will propel me to move forward with this assignment and keep trying.  I don’t want the last thing I text to someone I love, “Hey, could you see if we have enough spinach in the refrigerator?”

This week’s assignment in the e-guide, 52 Weeks, 52 Ways to Love Your (Wild) Self, the assignment is to make a life list.  In a book my husband bought me full of writing prompts, this one was of the prompts I chose to work on so I have at least a 10% chance of following-through on this assignment because the items have already been percolating in the back of my mind.  Yes, I suppose this could be a bucket list kind of assignment but it’s different in that if you already have your list, then this week’s assignment is to take steps toward achieving one of your dreams.

What’s on your life list?  What are you going to make happen before you die?  What are your dreams if there were no obstacles?  Share them here if you like or keep a journal.

Here’s the dreaming and daring.  Cheers!



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