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Erythritol is the Most Amazing Sugar Substitute


Two years ago, I stumbled upon a video by Dr. Greger with the intriguing title A Harmless Artificial Sweetener.  I watched it immediately because I know how bad artificial sweeteners are but I’m such a sweetaholic that I need something to put in my coffee, tea, and oatmeal every morning or else I’ll go bonkers.  If I can’t have the real McCoy, what can I have?

I found the video after watching Dr. Greger’s videos for a year or so.  He’s got such a dry sense of humor, totally tongue-in-cheek style with the East Coast accent to boot (swoon).  Watching his videos for me is like being at the doctor’s office in my hometown of Philly.   Even though Dr. Greger gives me a death sentence after each viewing of his videos (I’m a terrible eater), it still gave me some comfort to listen to him speak.

So one day I’m rummaging around on his site, and I find the video about the harmless artificial sweetener and the second it’s done, I quickly click over to Amazon to see if there’s any of the recommended white stuff I can buy.  Sho ‘nuf, there it is.  Not only is it Made in America but it’s gluten free, and non-GMO.  I order it and wait for it to come.

Two days go by and then there it is (cue the angels singing).  I cut open the box like a coke crazed heroin addict and run into the kitchen like I’ve discovered the cure for cancer.  I pour out a cup of coffee and add a couple scoops of the white stuff, and sip.

Oh.  My.  Gawd.  It tastes like sugar.  Erythritol tastes like sugar!  It’s the best thing next to the real thing, and Dr. Greger says it’s safe (for now).  I buy it solely from Amazon because it’s the only place where I can get a 5 lb bag of strictly erythritol.  I’ve tried to buy erythritol in my neighborhood stores but it’s always cut with something else.  I thought I had found a good substitute when I bought Swerve but Swerve tastes artificial.  Swerve might as well be Equal or Splenda.  I couldn’t even drink my cup of coffee after adding Swerve, and had to dump it down the sink and wait for my Amazon box to come.

For now, I’m buying Anthony’s Erythritol from Amazon because it’s cheaper than the other brand I used to buy, and I like its label.  It says “That’s right, grown in the US of A, not China.  These colors don’t run.”

One side note, do NOT opt for same day service from Amazon as you may never get your package of Anthony’s Erythritol.  See my Yelp Review of Amazon’s same day delivery service provider.  Yes, folks, it’s a two-fer product review blog post!

NOTE:  All opinions of products and services are my own.  I did not receive any compensation for this blog post.


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