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Empty Heart Finally Gets Filled

Heart MapThe empty heart I drew last Thursday first laid on the ugly oak kitchen table of our temporary rental and that is where it sat until dinnertime when it was then transferred to the desk to make room for plates.  That is where it stayed for three days.  Yes, three days.  The emptiness spoke volumes as I rummaged through my brain to come up with something to put into my heart for my weekly project.

The weekly project assigned to me from the e-guide 52 Weeks: 52 Ways in Which to Love Your (Wild) Self, involved creating a heart map.  I had to google what a heart map is, and found it was a project usually done by elementary school children.  Even my middle daughter is doing something similar right now in high school; however, I don’t recall creating one at any of the elementary schools I attended in Michigan or Pennsylvania.

Many times and in many things, I have a hard time starting something but once I start, I usually keep going until I’m finished, and this was the case of the empty heart project.   With a gentle nudge and help from a long distance friend (Estrella Azul to the rescue again!), I asked my daughter if she had any markers.  She got up from the breakfast table to retrieve them from her bedroom for me, and as soon as she put the markers down, and I selected the purple marker, BOOM! I was off and running.

I was briefly interrupted by Nick who is consumed by logic.  He could not understand why I would ask for color markers if I was only going to use one color.  I impatiently explained to him that I was on a roll and didn’t want to lose my momentum by stopping to select a different color for each idea pouring out of me.  He argued further that OTHERS probably used multiple colors, and I explained to him that there is no right or wrong answer on how to do this activity.  As a black-and-white person, he doesn’t understand this, and I had to prove it to him so that I could go about my business of finishing my heart.  I showed him Estrella’s heart where she used only blue, and he was satisfied (deep, heavy sigh).

When I felt I had gotten out the majority of my heart’s desires onto the paper, I switched to orange to try to go deeper but after looking at what I wrote in orange, it seems the more frivolous items take on the color of the sun like sparkly things, costume jewelry, hair products, cannoli, cheesecake, and blackout curtains.

Although many people compartmentalize the important things in their heart maps by drawing lines around each item, I chose to keep mine wide open because, like my heart map, I am a jumbled mess of all these things I love and more.  Hopefully you can read what I’ve written (sometimes I cannot read my own scribbling), but if you can’t, and you’re curious, ask me.


And with that, it is now time to go on to this week’s project which is to figure out my life theme.  Unfortunately, the link that explains how to go about finding one’s theme is no longer working, so I cheated and went to Estrella blog again to see what she had done for this issue before I contacted Judy Clement Wall (by the way, if you ever do contact Judy, she gets back to you right away).

Alex’s Post & Questions

“I believe every LIFE has a THEME — like a novel, a symphony, or a curated collection of art. 
Your theme is an intricate composite of your family’s themes, your ancestors’ themes, your tribal-cave-man lineage, and your unique DNA. Stories, lessons, weaknesses + wishes. Percolating through the generations. Uniquely embodied … by YOU. 
With every decision we make — in this lifetime — we’re just playing variations on a theme. We learn the same lessons — over + over. We teach the same lessons — over + over. Our obstacles, talents + final-breath messages — they never (really) change. They just reveal themselves, in new + unexpected ways. Like I said — variations on a theme.It’s fascinating to percolate through your life + hunt for themes.

It’s a more than a playful exercise in self-discovery — it’s extremely practical. Because once you’ve discovered your theme, you can tell your story. Your real story. The big story. The story with universal resonance + impact. Not just what you’ve done + when, with whom — but why. Some of my LifeThemes? Starry-eyed self-expression. Laser-lucid communication. Elastic resilience. Immersive devotion.

My biggest, most visceral theme?  

So. Want to discover your Life Theme? (I thought so.) Let’s start with three elements, three questions — and a fill-in-the-blank statement. I’ll prompt you along. Here we go …

Your Cellular Obstacles
Your CELLULAR OBSTACLES are the troubles + challenges that keep promenading into your life, in different shapes + forms. Over + over + over. Your worthy adversaries. Your all-too-familar arch-nemesi. That fear you just can’t shake. The mistakes you can’t help but make. The merry-go-round loop in your head. Oh. THIS again. 

QUESTION: What are the lessons you can’t help but keep learning (and quite likely, teaching — through living example?)
Your Magnetic Talents
Your MAGNETIC TALENTS are the big-money skills, easy-as-breathing abilities, natural gifts + visceral magnetism that you exude, when you’re operating at full capacity. The stuff you’re freakishly good at. Your borderline-prodigy abilities. When you’re using your MAGNETIC TALENTS, you’re actively in LOVE with your work. (In other words, you’re a GENIUS.)

QUESTION: What are you freakishly good at / completely in love with / frequently praised for / undeniably skilled at?

Your Final-Breath Battle Cry
Your FINAL-BREATH BATTLE CRY is the message or mission that you’d HOLLER into the ether, if you had 25 seconds to live.

QUESTION: If you had the entire WORLD tuned into you — broadcasting live, from a top-secret location — what would you want the human race to know / remember / change / release / revive / believe?

So, there you go…a time to reflect on your life’s theme.  No doubt I will have an easier time on this project.  Will you join me with this week’s homework?  You can buy the e-guide and follow along or start a blog of your own.  Check back on Friday for my life’s theme.  Anybody who really knows me probably won’t be all that surprised 🙂





3 thoughts on “Empty Heart Finally Gets Filled

  1. Your heart map looks awesome! I’m so glad you didn’t give up and decided to keep thinking of the things in your wide-open heart to jot them down into the heart outline 🙂
    One of the things I love most in your heart map is “bed”! How cool is that? Wish I’d have thought of it when I did mine, because I definitely love love love a cozy, warm, soft bed – especially when it comes with a good night’s sleep and a warm kitty sleeping on top of me 😉

    There really isn’t one right way of doing a heart map! Like I mentioned, I wanted to draw one that looked somewhat like a topographic map and in the actual human-heart shape. But I forgot to print myself an outline, and I’m really not that great at drawing so ended up with what I posted. Also, I wasn’t thinking per se about the fact that I outlined each thing on my map, it was just what I came up with when I was in the zone!

  2. There were many things I thought of *after* I took the picture and frankly, I was too lazy to take another picture. My heart map stands as it is right now.

    I appreciate that you provided me with proof to Nick that using one color is ok. Boy, he can sometimes be a real motivation sapper!

    Thank you again for being the little voice in my head that keeps pushing me forward on this writing journey.

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