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Poem Written 2 Minutes Before School

Rainy Day WindowA walk down memory lane…I am going through all the unpublished posts I have to see if anything started and not finished is worth looking at again.  This post was written so long ago that my youngest daughter is already in high school.  I think this is from when she was in third or fourth grade!


My darling youngest child has many talents, and although I am proud of all my children, I thought I’d post this one’s foray into prose here because I am astounded at how good it is considering she started writing it 2 minutes before I had to put her in the car and drive her to school.

Mind you she had to perform this poem in front of her classmates’ parents at her school in less than an hour.  She did not like the one she had written and wanted to start all over.  I was freaking out, but she kept her calm as she typed and created.  Did I mention that she decided this 2 minutes before we had to leave for school?

Rain by Sam

Water sloshes down in swirls of blue

Going plunk in the puddles

Drinking hot cocoa inside

Outside:  The downpour

After it all:  The double rainbow

Has everyone wishing

For another rainy day


Makes me wish she would share the one she doesn’t like!


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