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Photographer for a Month: Week 1

Despite the numerous setbacks for the week, I managed to take a picture every single day except one, and the one day had a very good reason.  I had to get an MRI of my neck, and because I am incredibly claustrophobic, I was heavily drugged.  There were no pictures taken on Thursday that I can recall but I more than made up for it on Wednesday night when I ran into an unwelcome traveler on my walk with Pearl.

Without further ado, here’s my week in pictures from the 52 Weeks: 52 Ways to Love Your (Wild) Self.

Saturday started with a trip out to the garage.  We’ve moved twice in 90 days with some of the extra belongings ending up in the garage in a jumbled mess.  With a three car garage (in California, not too many people have basements so the garage is our basement), this one full garage space was not being utilized well so I tackled it.  I spent six hours on the garage and it still isn’t done.  I have made progress but it’s not worth photographing the after quite yet.


Sunday was Mother’s Day and it was just a (mostly) perfect day.  I spent the day with my girls which I’m always happy to do.  They made me cards, took me to a movie, bought me some flowers and presents and ended the evening at a nice dinner out.  There were no fights and no work for me to do.

Mother’s Day flowers from Adelaide’s of La Jolla

Monday was really a Mother’s Day hangover because I had to go from doing almost nothing to not only doing whatever wasn’t done on Sunday but also had to do all the work I normally do, and it’s never anything exciting.  Let’s say there were a hundred loads of laundry, 80 bags of groceries to buy, and numerous meals to be prepped–all with a bum arm.  Sigh.  The biggest event was seeing that the thistle I had photographed previously had bloomed.

The Thistle Bloomed

Nothing much usually happens when I am out walking Pearl.  I’ve walked Pearl for over six years and the most that’s ever has been different is some dog has escaped from its home and either attacked us or a wild coyote has come a little too close, but this guy takes the cake.  Pearl sniffed him and at first I thought it was a stick but it wasn’t!!!  This stick moved and I screamed.


On Wednesday, I tried to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of my impending MRI.  If I had known for sure that the Valium prescribed to me by my doctor would really work, I know I would have been more relaxed and carefree but because I had never taken Valium before, I was nervous about how I would react.  Would I throw up?  Would it be enough?  Would I freak out despite the drugs?  So I went to Unleashed! to try to find a cat tree that wasn’t ugly and that my cat would use.  Billy has been tearing up our brand new carpet with his claws and it’s driving me insane so I took a picture of one that is ok looking but the wrong color for the new colors of my home.

Two Cat Trees with Really Soft Places to Sleep

After sleeping for 19 hours.  Yes, 19.  I woke up on Friday and got the kids off to school.  Because we have no furniture, no rugs, nothing, Nick and I went shopping for stuff.  We ended up buying only lunch because Nick likes to measure, think about a purchase, maybe visit it a couple times and THEN he’ll pull the trigger.  This was our second trip to Crate & Barrel.  I think I like this area rug but not sure whether to put it in the dining room or my office.

Beautiful rug from Crate & Barrel–navy blue, teal, beige, brown, tan

I realized too late that I had not canceled my Bouq’s order so it arrived via FedEx.  Because we don’t have our stuff out of storage yet, I don’t have any vases so I used a new glass container I’ve been using for my homemade almond milk (so much better tasting, by the way).  The roses are absolutely beautiful so I’m kind of glad I didn’t cancel them.  They’re upstairs in my bathroom on the counter and the fragrance after my morning shower is amazing.  I inhale like I’m smoking a joint 🙂

Some of the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen.

Saturday was a trip to a nutritionist for my youngest daughter.  She has no energy, doesn’t eat well, and has lost a lot of weight without trying.  I decided a nutritionist was a good way to go thinking that she would listen to an outsider more than she would listen to me, and the nutritionist knows a heck of a lot more about reading labs than I do.

I’m so happy I took Sam to meet up with Katie.  Turns out that Sam is almost deficient in so  many areas, and in others, she’s on the border–like .2 away from being deficient.  I am so pissed at our pediatrician who said that Sam was completely normal.  Her tests were done five months ago so she’s probably sufficiently deficient at this point.  The nutritionist ordered some more tests to dive more deeply into her thyroid, her B12, and her iron.

Sam is now doing an elimination diet so anything with gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and corn are off limits.  For someone who is such a dessert fiend, this will be hard.  I consulted one of my cookbooks last night and made her Almond Butter Cups which were so freaking good and even easier to make!  The recipe came from Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body by Amie Valpone.

Almond Butter Cups by Eating Clean Written by Amie Valpone

My week in pictures was a success in that I followed-through (minus Thursday) but a failure in that I didn’t use the good camera, only my cell phone.  My goal this week is to use the better camera and take photos of my week with it.

Until then, keep clicking away.  You can join me at any time on my journey through 52 Weeks: 52 Ways to Love Your (Wild) Self.


One thought on “Photographer for a Month: Week 1

  1. I love your pictures, especially the flowers!
    Your phone camera actually takes pretty good pics quality-wise. But YES, you need to switch to your actual camera so you can get used to that!

    After you’re finished with the one photo a day challenge, I can direct you to my photo challenge if you want to. It has ten suggestions for each month, and is thought out to be a 30 pics challenge per season 🙂

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