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An Open Letter to Dollar Shave Club

Dear Dollar Shave Club,

First, before I go into my suggestions for improvement, I have to say that I love your product and have been using your blades for years.  The blades have always been sharp ( a good thing) and I’ve only had to replace my handle once in a very long time.  The only complaint I have is that the blades are so good that I am usually getting a new shipment before the old one has been used up, and that’s not much of a complaint.  Yes, it does appear I’m complaining about getting more for my money.  Go figure.

But now let me go into my suggestions.  Yes, I am a woman, I shave, and I only use your razors.  And I have three girls who also use your blades now that they’re teens and need Dollar Shave Club in their quest to have hairless lives.  The problem is that when two or more girls are using your razors in the same shower, nobody knows whose razor belongs to whom because they all look the same.  I’ve read that razors should not be shared for hygiene reasons.  Go ahead and read the article, I dare ya.  Ew.

Creating a problem without providing solutions is not my style.  I figure if I’m going to complain out loud on social media, I should also provide a comprehensive list of solutions, so here’s what I’ve come up with while hanging out in my own shower.

Solution #1:  Create different colors on the handle–whether it’s offering your customers the option of a different stripe rather than just a blue stripe, or making the whole handle a different color a la Daisy.  How about green, purple, red, pink, white, and black??  Yellow? Orange?  You could simply offer your customers a choice of stripe color or color the whole handle in whatever color they choose.

Rainbow of colors

Solution #2:  Create sticky bling that can be attached to the handle.  Your company could create initials, animals, flowers, drinks, iconic destinations, emojis, or words a person can select and stick onto the handle–a quick fix that won’t add much weight to your shipping thereby not increasing the shipping charge to you or the customer.


Solution #3: Offer to inscribe a monogram on the handle.  I think this one is self-explanatory but because you’re a unique company, you could allow customers to choose their own font from a list.  Let’s be honest, sometimes those fancy fonts make it difficult to figure out which letter is on the item, especially if one is showering without one’s contact lenses.


Solution #4:  Design and create a new handle in which there’s an opening at the end where a charm (like a wine charm) could dangle.  You already have an opening on the Executive handle so you could move it further south.

The sky’s the limit on the designs for this idea.  Seriously, you could go crazy.  You might even spawn a new cottage business for entrepreneurial types.  People love wine charms, so why wouldn’t they love razor charms?? Additionally, if you go this route, men will still use this type of razor because the hole could be used to hang up a razor on a shower caddy to dry.


Well, there you have it, Dollar Shave Club.  I hope I’ve given you something to think about at your Monday Morning Meeting, and will seriously consider any (or all) of my ideas.

Happy Monday to you and happy shaving!


Catherine A. Nichols, a Loyal DSC user since I don’t know when!



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