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Pet-Sitting as My Muse

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Pet-sitting is a peaceful and calming activity.

Let me explain.  When I am staying at another’s home with their pets, it’s not only quieter because I am not at my own home that is full of people, but my mind and thoughts are quieter.  I relax into the nothingness that is expected of me–other than the job I’m hired to do, of course.

I walk the dog, feed the pet their preferred meal, entertain the animals, and clean up after myself, but beyond that, there’s nothing I need to do.  I can simply be.

Pets don’t need much–they need time, attention, play, food, some belly rubs, and water.  An empty house needs to look occupied.  The mail and the newspapers need to be picked up.  Plants need to be watered.  But that’s the extent of it.

When I return home from pet-sitting, there seems to be no peace.  There’s always laundry to be done, food to be bought and cooked, children to be transported here and there, appointments to be kept, repairs to be made, projects to finish, necessary cleaning/watering/picking up of the mail AND the walking/feeding/attention of my own pets.

Pet-sitting allows my mind to unwind, recharge, and become creative again.  During my recent gig, I’ve found myself thinking more about writing instead of the next activity I need to cross off my never-quite-ending to-do list.  I’ve sat more in my chair and have written more than I’ve written in a while.

Sure, this blog post hasn’t been my best writing but the point is I’m writing again.  In the quiet of keeping a dog and an elderly cat company, I’m able to think clearly and fully for the first time in months.

The gal who hired me said she had great ‘peace of mind knowing I was here at her home caring for her pets but it turns out she also gave me a piece of mind back to me.

Here’s hoping she goes on vacation again soon!



2 thoughts on “Pet-Sitting as My Muse

  1. That sounds lovely, really. Like a vacation away from home would make you feel, except without the fuss of traveling so many hours to get to your destination.

    I don’t think there is such a thing as pet-sitting here, but I do know one couple who asked me to drop by their place to feed their cat for five days and then gave me a huuge list of instructions, which included stuff like:
    30 grams wet food + 30 grams dry food in the morning
    30 grams dry food in the evening.
    That is assuming a bit too much of me for the simple act of keeping one’s pet alive for five days. I mean, I have a cat myself, I know how to feed it/care for it, and no one said I had time to drop by twice a day.
    (oh, and PS: I totally ignored the 30 grams “rule” and the cat was beyond happy! and PPS: no, the cat is not sick or on a diet or anything to have its food measured.)

    1. Ha! People love their animals so much. I frequently get requests to ‘mix 1/2 c of dry cat chow with 1/2 can of wet, open a fish oil capsule and pour it on the food, then mix in some Metamucil. Yes, Metamucil for a cat. 🙂

      I follow all the instructions because I once left instructions for my own pet-sitter and I realized I was just as crazy!!

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