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Top 5 for Friday, July 15, 2016

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Sure, I’m two days late but I’m on vacation so it’s amazing I’m posting anything but I figured I could come up with a list while I wait for my turn in the bathroom.

Again, these are in no particular order although the number 5 item on the list is currently my number 1.

Today’s list has to do with packing for a road trip.  It’s the top things you think you won’t need but need on your road trip every single time.

5.  A nail file.  Seriously.  I think my nails wait until they know we’re out of range of a trusted salon and decide to chip, break, split, or become uneven and catch on everything.

4.  Eye mask.  What is it about AirBnb hosts who don’t have blinds or at least curtains on their windows?  I’ve learned this the hard way over many AirBnb stays.  As soon as the sun is up, so am I!  On vacation, I’d love to sleep past 6:30 a.m. but can’t because, hello sun!

3.  Shaving cream.  Being an optimistic person makes me think that whatever soap I bring will be enough but it’s not.  Although the chem fest I call shaving cream is probably not the best thing I can do for my body, neither are the giant gouges from using nothing to help guide the blade along.  The chem fest shaving cream is soon to be replaced by a highly reputable company’s newest addition to their product line-up but it’s not available yet (read about it here when it does become available).

2.  Hair dryer.  I need to blow dry my hair every single day so you’d think this would be an easy one to remember but the problem is that staying in hotels usually means they provide the blow dryer so no need to remember, right?  Yeah, well, how about at an AirBnb where the male host is bald?

1.  Socks.  I never bring enough socks because the optimist part of me (see #3) thinks I will wear the cute, little, delicate sandals while checking out the sights instead of my diehard sneakers.  I’ve always hated the look of tourists wearing a nice of dress slacks, a flowy shirt, and then old gym sneaks.  Needless to say, I’ve been a tourist a lot lately and have given up looking like anything other than a tourist.

And there you have this week’s list.  What do you frequently forget to pack for your vacation?




2 thoughts on “Top 5 for Friday, July 15, 2016

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday!!!

    Hmm, what do I always forget when packing for a trip?
    We’ve mostly been on road trips lately, and those have been quite spur of the moment/packing right before we leave, so I’ll have to go with that scenario:
    – hand sanitizer or wet wipes
    – napkins
    – salt & pepper (if we’re also having a picnic)
    – small bills (and then I run around from business to business to see who has enough to break that, because obviously the one place I want to buy something from doesn’t have change from 100 (very different currency, don’t let the number fool you) )
    – my camera

    When it comes to packing for longer trips, I usually pack ahead of time and my slight case of OCD thinks of very possible scenario.
    It’s funny, because I wrote a travel article on how not to over-pack luggage *laughing*

    1. That’s so funny–I also am OCD when it comes to longer trips in which a flight is also involved. I do not want to carry a heavy bag so I will be relentless in weeding out what I absolutely (probably) won’t use. On a car trip, however, I throw in everything and anything I can think of because there’s plenty of room!

      My last car trip was not well planned out and the car was uncomfortably full when we returned from San Francisco. The poor girls had things next to them and at their feet. No real room to move around or get comfortable and that was a tough trip. It usually takes me 8 hours to drive from San Diego to San Francisco but this time it took me 10 hours to get up there and 9.5 to get back. The summertime is an exceptionally busy time to be on the I-5. Ask me if I ever do that again!

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