Top 5 for Friday, July 22, 2016

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I’ve managed to keep these posts of lists going so there’s that, but I wanted you to know I am really writing real stuff, too.  I entered a writing contest where I have to create a short story (1500 words or less) and submit it to a group where it will be critiqued (yeeikes!).  I’m really not looking forward to that part because I’ve read some of the other submissions and they’re really, really good.  Mine shows that I haven’t been doing much writing practice (I am not being humble, I’m being honest).

So, without further ado, let’s get to today’s list.  It was inspired by real posts from today.

The Top 5 Facebook Posts I Hate the Most

5.  The posts where there are literally hundreds of vacation photos.  Not sure if people use Facebook as photo storage, or???  Who the hell wants to see every single photo from someone’s trip?  Just give me the highlights, please, and not the blurry highlights (I’m so fussy today!).

4.  The posts about Hillary where they’re so wrong that a quick trip over to Snopes shows they’re not only not valid rants but from 2007.  Ugh.

3.  And, of course, the posts about how great Trump is and how terrific his speech was.  I find these posts particularly offensive because Trump is a dangerous, uneducated, and calculating fraud of a man.  #NeverTrump  He scares me and what scares me even further is how many people he’s convinced that he’s not a narcissistic psychopath.

2.  Vague posts where people are asking for prayers for some reason but won’t say why.  You want privacy?  Don’t post your life on Facebook!

1. Wishing their mom/dad/dog/cat a happy birthday saying things like, “You would have been 150 years old today but you’ve gone to the Lord.”  Seriously?  I understand missing a parent.  My dad died when I was 16, and I was devastated but I don’t wish him a happy birthday on Facebook because a.) he was never on Facebook, b.) he’s dead so he’s probably not very happy even though it is his birthday.

What are the top 5 Facebook posts you hate the most?  Is your list similar to mine?  Please, Trump supporters need not apply.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 for Friday, July 22, 2016

  1. Congrats on entering the writing contest! That is the second step for sure (with the first being, to actually write something.) Let’s hope your submitting stories for contests gets you to want to, and to do practice more.

    As for my list? Let’s see:
    – SAVE THE DATES – I’m not against using FB for save the dates. But unless you genuinely plan on inviting all 827 of your FB friends, plus your partner his 931 FB friends… do us all a favor and share that in private messages, or in a group made up of just the friends you plan to invite! (This is no. 1! I can tolerate the ones below, but this… I HATE!)
    – gross things – I don’t have any issues with lots of pics, but don’t show me how infected that cut from falling off a cliff got because you didn’t make taking care of it a priority – as opposed to posting about it.
    – game-play progress, scores, etc. – Especially when one plays 20 games and that is the entirety of your FB wall’s content.
    – 20 pictures of yourself, where in each one you are in a slightly different angle (of the same photo) – Take the best picture and post that. Alone.
    – “share this, re-post that x times, and make a wish while you stand on your smallest toe on the ceiling”-type of posts

    1. All of these are excellent and will be immediately added to my list because everything you mentioned happened this week on my timeline as well. Yikes. Somebody actually showed a wound with 40 staples in it. I nearly fainted. I can’t handle things like that.

      The other one I would add is when someone say some kind of sentence and then ask, “Can I get an amen?” And you’re supposed to type Amen in the comments. Geez. Yawn.

      Another one that is popping up these days is people are typing out sayings or jokes, claiming them as their own but it’s jokes or plays on words I’ve seen on Pinterest. Yuck.

      1. Sorry to hear all of my items happened to you as well. They’re annoying.
        Haven’t heard of the “amen” one, but I don’t “do” such replies unless it regards something actually interesting.
        And yes, I really like to use at least quotation marks, if I don’t know the author of sayings.

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