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Top 5 for Friday, July 29, 2016

There’s been a nonstop busyness in my life lately and it doesn’t bode well for writing.  I sit down and notice there’s an email that needs an immediate response.  I sit down to write another time, and there’s a friend who needs help via text.  I sit down and the quote from a contractor I’ve been waiting for is in, or, I sit down and the quote I’m waiting for doesn’t show up and I have to go chase it down.

The lesson for today, folks, is skip reading your email until after you’ve written for an hour or more!

This week’s list has to do with the Top 5 Things I Love About Kiva.  What is Kiva?  It is a company that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs throughout the world.

5.  I love that Kiva has made it so easy for anyone to lend money to an entrepreneur.  The starting loan is only $25 and it means a lot to the people who are requesting the loans.  Some countries have a median income of only $1100 per year so $25 means a whole lot more to them than it does to me.

4.  Everyone in the world has access to Kiva loans, even women in areas where women are viewed as something less than a man, like a possession.  I have seen some photos with the woman’s picture blacked out.  It’s because she’s technically not allowed to apply for a loan.

3.  Reading what the money will be used for is inspiring.  The men and women who are trying to create a better life for their families always get to me, and it’s never “My kid needs a new iPhone,” but something along the lines of wanting to buy more stock for their shop or buy more chickens to sell more eggs.

2.  I can “shop” for what kind of loan I would like to help fund.  For example, my last loan was to a man who needed to weed his organic palm farm.  I could have chosen women in underserved countries, eco-agriculture, or groups of people in farming.

1.I am paid back the money I’ve lent which is something I can’t say after lending to friends and family.  However, I always opt to relend the credit when it reaches $25.  Over many years, I’ve made 63 loans totaling $1950 to people in over 36 countries.

Becoming a micro lender was never on my bucket list but I’m glad I’m doing it.  A co-worker asked if I’d be on his team and I’m so glad he asked so many years ago.  I look forward to shopping for new loans to fund.  It’s crowd-sourcing at its finest and most genuine.

Want to have some fun and do good at the same time?  Join my team and I guarantee it’s one email you will look forward to opening when it arrives in your inbox.


One thought on “Top 5 for Friday, July 29, 2016

  1. It is really important to first write, then read e-mails 😉

    I need to check this out. Glad you listed it all, and I hope you find more people to join in.

    Also, I can attest to the fact that $25 means a lot in many places. In Romania, that’s about a week’s worth of groceries per person. Yet so many people can’t even afford that. (My salary used to be $225 per month. Not fun at all.)

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