Top 5 for August 19, 2016

My front yard for a week

Maybe you noticed I skipped last week, maybe you didn’t.  I did.  I noticed it and then let it go.  I was on the final summer vacation of the year before school starts and didn’t want to ruin it thinking about the list I should be writing.

I did complete a blog post, however, while looking out at the beautiful Salmon River near Portland, Oregon (we were in Brightwood, Oregon near Mt. Hood) and am proud of myself for keeping my butt in the chair while I wrote instead of going outside and staring at the constantly flowing river.

This week’s list has to do with that vacation or any vacation for that matter, and is not in any particular order of irritation:

Why I Hate Coming Home from Vacation

5. Leaving a heavily wooded, water flowing freely, moss covered, green everywhere kind of place to return to a brown, dead, burned, no trees life can be soul crushing for someone who obviously loves her trees.

4. Returning from vacation means it’s back to ‘life as usual’ and doing things I hate like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and shuttling kids to friends’ houses.

3. No more drinking wine and eating lunch and dinner out.  Damage has been done on vacation and I have to return to a sensible eating plan.  Did I gain weight this trip?  Yep.  Cuz the food was remarkably good for such a small town.

2. Not too many people live in Brightwood so it was peaceful and quiet.  And the people we did encounter were so genuinely nice.  Not so in my neck of the woods.  It’s loud, bright, and full of angry people in traffic.

1.Since it’s the last summer vacation of the year, there’s a sadness that the summer is ending and the school year will be beginning.  And this year, I have a senior in high school.  A senior.  It’s time to let another one leave the nest, and I’m not ready.

Do you hate coming home from vacation or are you relieved to be back?  Do you enjoy the familiar surroundings?  When was there a time when you wished your vacation would never end?


One thought on “Top 5 for August 19, 2016

  1. I definitely hate coming home from vacations and always wish they’d never end, because as tired and excuse it seems, there’s always so much going on at home that no matter how many vacation days we have it is just not enough!
    Basically we just rest up for the next set of issues that will need to be resolved once we’re back home…

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