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Day Two of the Ultimate Reset by BeachBody

Fresh, organic blueberries on a cloud of plain yogurt with cinnamon–only part of the healthy BeachBody Ultimate Reset Day 2 Breakfast

I am writing this post on Day Two of the Ultimate Reset by BeachBody but it will not be posted until Day Three.

I contacted Kristen, my BeachBody coach, to let her know some of my goals that I would like to achieve on a daily basis and within the 21 days.  I felt that after all this time on this planet that I’ve been doing things the wrong way so often that it was time to do it the way successful people do things:  they create daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals as well as picturing where they’d like to be in five years.

My daily goals are:

  1.  Eat all three meals
  2. Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day
  3. Take my vitamins, mushrooms, and probiotics each day
  4. Listen to my Calm app for guided meditation every day
  5. Listen to Learning Strategies’s “Ideal Weight” subliminal MP3 every day
  6. Take my thyroid medication each day
  7. Document my experience in a way that’s not boring to me or anyone else who follows me.  Perhaps I’ll write blog posts two days per week and then Tweet/Instagram some pictures.  I’ll mix it up.
  8. Go to three yoga and/or stretching classes per week at my gym
  9. Go to my gym and get into the sauna three times per week
  10. Have a plan in place for stressful days

Eating all three meals may not seem like a very difficult goal but I’m one of those people who can not eat anything until 2 p.m. and then eat a light lunch.  By dinner, I’m starving and I’ll eat anything that I make and then everything on anyone else’s plate. And then in the evening, I eat a million more calories.  This system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Drinking water is another one of those goals that is difficult for me to achieve.  I hate water.  There, I said it.  I know that should it disappear anytime soon, I will desperately miss it, but right now, I don’t care for it.  It’s too boring.  I was adding lemon to it but even that got boring.  What I know about myself is that when I start drinking a ton of water consistently, I start craving it.  I’m hoping this phenomenon starts sooner rather than later.

Taking my vitamins is usually hit or miss on a daily basis and it shows in my blood work.  My Vitamin D levels are still too low.  The doctor has upped me to 7,000 IUs per day of Vitamin D to try to get me up to the desired 60-80 ng/mL.  Of course many doctors have different ideas as to what is ideal.  I’ve read everything from 20 ng/mL to over 100!  I trust this site for its information about Vitamin D3 because their only focus is on Vitamin D.

Levothyroxine is the thyroid medication I take.  I’m up to 200 mcg which sucks because I know it’s due to my lack of follow-through that it’s so high.  Don’t tell my doctor, but I skipped so many nights that I know my health was affected.  Although I have read that taking it at night is better, it involves having an empty stomach.  Well, let’s just say that after starving all day, I’m hungry at night so the nighttime routine didn’t really work out.  About 22 days ago I switched to taking the thyroid meds in the a.m. and it’s worked out much better.  My only issue is I cannot have my first cup of coffee until an hour has passed after I take Levothyroxine.  I’ve got a system down now where I set my alarm at 5:30 a.m., get up, take my pill and head back to bed.  So far it has worked.  This is the most consistent I’ve been in the year or two I’ve been on thyroid medication.

I will address the Calm app and the Learning Strategies paraliminals in another post.  There’s too much to write about these two to give them each only a paragraph.

I feel the same way about sauna use.  It’s too important to skim over this delightful topic.  All I can say as a hint is if you can find your way to spend a 1/2 hour in the sauna every day or every other day (work your way up to this goal–don’t start out here because you might pass out, or worse…), your body will thank you in so many ways.  I’m fortunate in that I have a sauna at my gym and I’ve recently purchased one for home use.  It’s not put together yet (that’s a story for another day) but at least when it’s done, I will be able to use it every day because there will not be any excuse not to head out to my garage!

Confessions alert!  During the summer, I spent a good amount of time after dinner sitting on the couch drinking wine and watching Game of Thrones.  Now I’m watching Boardwalk Empire and looking forward to some of the shows from the new season.  After drinking a couple glasses of wine, I’d hit the high calorie snacks.  The snacks weren’t all bad–I threw in a bunch of almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews but those are all very high calorie and high fat options.  And it wasn’t every night but it was often enough that I knew that starting and successfully completing this Ultimate Reset, I was going to need a new plan for the evenings.

My plan is to go upstairs after dinner and all the dishes are done, and hang out in my massage chair and read.  I don’t allow eating upstairs because we’re known for ants here in Southern California and there’s nothing worse than finding a bunch of ants in your bed, in your clothes, in your closet, etc.  It’s an easy plan to follow and makes me go to bed earlier which is another great weight loss helper.  Insomnia makes people crave carbs and overeat.  Because I’m getting into bed so much earlier, I’m sleeping longer, and I’m able to follow-through on my plans of only eating planned meals.

Today, I am on Day Three of the Ultimate Reset plan.  I’m really looking forward to all the great food including the Lentil-Lime salad, sushi rolls, and definitely the Japanese cucumber salad–it’s one of my favorites!

If you have any questions about this plan, do not hesitate to leave a message below.  I am not a BeachBody representative so I will not try to sell you on anything, and I’ll even show you how to get the diet for far cheaper.  With the Ultimate Reset, there is no requirement to drink Shakeology so that saves some money!  Instead, they highly recommend eating real food.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll check in again here soon.




2 thoughts on “Day Two of the Ultimate Reset by BeachBody

  1. I’m glad you are on your third successful day, and that you’ve made this plan. It will surely be more helpful than just going at it without having anything planned. I’d love to hear about that stressful days plan! Again, it seems like something that everyone should have for such days to go smoother.
    Will have to check your Twitter for photos more often now! I love love both of the pics you took of the food so far!

    Lately I’ve started running, and lost a few pounds myself. Seems like before I was going at it all wrong, thinking just doing some abs workouts is enough – I needed to address my full body and get it moving and feeling better to be able to work the abs correctly.
    And my diet also consists of enough food and enough fat. I just needed this one little tweak it seems 🙂

    1. Thank you for your great feedback!

      I’m also on Instagram now — finally joined the four bazillion other people already there. Looks like it’s more fun than Twitter but we shall see. I’m not terribly terrific at posting pictures so I have to make a point of doing so. But I have my Instagram posting to my Twitter feed, too, so no need to go looking for me on Instagram!

      You’re lucky that you only needed one tweak. I needed the whole enchilada: stress relief, a menu, supplements, and a plan I can follow-through on. I contact my coach every evening to let her know how I did. Simply because I have someone to check in with, I am doing everything I said I was going to do. Sometimes that involves chugging a glass of water right before I send the text to Kristen because I realize I haven’t had all 64 oz of water (I did this last night).

      I will write about the stressful day plan sometime today or tomorrow. I have a meeting at 10 a.m. this morning so I don’t have much time before I have to go get ready for the day. I write in the morning, and very rarely in the late afternoon or evening.

      Good job on running. Keep going!! I was never a runner. I have tried a couple of times and I just don’t enjoy it, and part of the advice given to me (and many others) over the years has been to find something you love to do and that way you will do it consistently. I prefer walking. I could walk forever especially back in those Oregon woods!

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