A Different Kind of Bucket List

o-cedarToday, I’m going to tell you about a different kind of bucket, one that I have never seen before but it works so well that it has prompted me to write a post about it.  It is the O Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System.  I bought it on Amazon after searching for ways in which to clean my tile floor.

Let me give you a little back story.  My husband and I redid our entire downstairs with tile that looks like wood.  We have no carpet downstairs.  When we picked out the tile, we were so excited because we’d have the look of wood without all the hassle.  I was worried that our dogs would destroy any wood flooring so we made the “smart” (or so we thought) choice of tile.

The biggest problem with our tile is that it looks good for approximately 5 minutes after washing it.  We have a darker color tile and light colored dogs.  Also, most crumbs and dust are light colored so our tile floor looks dirty and dusty every single moment of every single day.  I have to use the kind of broom the grocery stores use at least once per day and sometimes twice if I’m feeling really anal.  I also have to wash the floor in one way or another every 3-4 days.  Our other tile floor was washed once a week and looked great even after letting it go for two weeks.

In order to keep our wood-like floor looking clean, I have tried the wet Swiffer which you’d think would be easy but the pad keeps coming off because the tile is a plank style.  There are grout lines galore which grab the Swiffer pad and rips it off.  Also, because I have such a huge amount of flooring, it takes numerous pads to do the downstairs.  Constantly bending over to reattach the pad is a major irritant especially given my numerous back pain complaints.

I have also tried a micro surface wet and dry mop with Bona cleaning products.  My floor looks good for the shortest amount of time using this particular item.

I also purchased a floor steamer which makes the floor look great.  The one I bought is very lightweight but its biggest drawback is that it typically runs out of water before my floor is done.  That involves stopping what I’m doing, turning the machine off, filling the water storage thing and then putting it back on the unit, starting it back up, waiting for a minute for the water to heat, and then I can continue.  I also hate the fact that there’s a pad to change midway because my downstairs is too large to assume that one cleaning pad is going to do the trick.  When I remove the first cleaning pad, it is black.  So disgusting.  The cord on the unit is also not very long so I have to unplug it, wait for the floor to dry because I don’t want to walk over to unplug the cord on my clean floor, and then plug it back in and wait for it to heat up again.  Sigh.  Too long.

So yesterday I received the O Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System.  After putting it together, I filled the bucket to the maximum level with very hot water (no floor cleaner) and put the bucket on the floor.  I dipped the mop into the water and got it completely saturated.  I then lifted the mop and put it into the built-in wringer, and pumped the pedal on the side.  The pedal makes the wringer go around and around very quickly.  You get to determine how wet you want the mop.  I was able to make it either fairly wet all the way to barely damp.  It was so fun to make that thing go without having to bend over or get my hands wet.  The mop itself is so easy to use.  It’s like the old-fashioned string mop but the strands are much shorter and it’s made from microfiber instead of string.

The mop moves easily over my tile floor and my floor felt cleaner because I was able to change out the water.  My floor has been exceptionally dirty due to our landscaping getting redone.  With two dogs, there is lots of dirt coming in.

My floor, less than 24 hours after cleaning

The three biggest selling points of the O Cedar Easy Wring Mop and Bucket System are: 1.)  You use your foot to pump the wringer.  No hands so no bending over.  2.)  The mop head is made out of microfibers so it’s lightweight. 3.) I think this mop would be fun for kids to use so you might just get out of cleaning the floor every once in a while!

Even though my floor is a huge pain-in-the-ass and I’d never buy this kind of tile flooring ever again, this mop and bucket system make it slightly easier to take.


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Bucket List

  1. Our floors are very similar to that color, maybe even a bit darker, except they’re wood.
    They attract every single speck of dust even the non-existent ones, and that was even before we had our black and white cat!

    Thank goodness the apartment is tiny, and we do have great-colored-for-dirt tiles in the kitchen area and bathroom, so cleaning 25ish square meters of this awful wood floor is manageable enough. Of course, I sweep and wash the floors in the whole apartment, but in case of an unexpected visit or something I could get away with only doing the wood floors.

    I have to look into where I can find one of these buckets you mentioned. Seems good from what I read here!

    1. Finding the ultimate tools for the worst cleaning jobs is crucial for me to make my life as a stay-at-home mom/writer more palatable. I used to enjoy cleaning (when it was easy, truth be told) but now that it requires so much effort on a daily basis, I truly dread it.

      My old floors and cabinets rarely showed any kind of dirt. It was the perfect tile/carpet combination where no hair showed up unless it had seriously accumulated! We have two blonde dogs so their hair completely blended in with the floors. I swept them every second or third day and washed them once a week. After seeing what was on them, yikes. No wonder every one of my girls’ friends used to sneeze their brains out when they came over. Who knew my house was so dirty? Well, I know for sure now it was absolutely filthy because now I see every single speck, and like you said, even the nonexistent ones–or the specks starting to be formed!

      I have to clean the cabinets once a week, too, because they show every drip, drop, dirt that gets on them. I think I washed my other cabinets maybe once a year (maybe).

      The bucket I mentioned is truly the best thing I ever bought, especially for my tile floors with grout lines. The mop head doesn’t catch on the grout lines which is a good thing because there’s a lot of them. The grout lines are small and catch on every single Swiffer product imaginable so I can’t use those. Plus, because the tile flooring is all over the downstairs, it takes numerous Swiffer pads to clean the floor especially because of the two dogs and a cat.

      I washed my floor yesterday with just steaming hot water with the O Cedar bucket and was done in record time. I put my earbuds in and got the floor done. No doubt it already looks dirty today but I know that I made the effort less than 24 hours ago!

      I got my bucket on Amazon. Do you use Amazon there or ??? Pardon me if that’s an ignorant question. I don’t know if Amazon is worldwide or not. I order so many things from Amazon that I assume it’s everywhere.

      Well, it’s off to write some new post before I have to leave for the day. Enjoy your weekend!

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