Gratitude Journal #2

Brody in an awfully cute moment with his furless human

Finding things to be grateful for is just a teensy bit difficult for me this week.  I am going to have to think very hard for this post.  It’s not that I’m not grateful for anything but it’s been a difficult week marriage-wise.  If you don’t know why I’m writing a Gratitude Journal, here’s the post where I explain the whys.

But I suppose this is where the journal helps my mental health, right?  It’s a time for reflecting on things that are good in my life and not only focusing on the bad.

Ok, so here goes:

1.) Because I’ve been walking my dog nearly every single day, my stamina has improved.  I can now go farther and I don’t poop out as fast as I once did.  After I hurt my back in August, I did almost no exercise–even walking was painful but after going to the East Coast for a visit, it appears my back got the rest it needed, and (knock on wood), it’s holding up.

2.) We got our Christmas tree.  I’m so happy about this because we never get our tree this early.  Our trees always dry out so quickly due to the San Diego climate so we tend to wait until very late.  This year, though, I put my foot down and we have the tree up.  It’s been helping a little bit with my almost-my-birthday depression.  Unfortunately, I hate putting the ornaments on the tree so there it sits taunting me with only its lights on.  Maybe today is the day it gets its balls.

3.) I am so grateful to get a break from my daughter’s dog, Brody.  We had him four or five days last week and he’s a handful.  He needs constant attention and the only time he leaves me alone to get stuff done is after I take both dogs out for a one-and-a-half hour walk.  Then he walks in and lays down somewhere near me and sleeps for the rest of the day.  I love Brody will all my heart but sometimes I just need a day or two (three) to recover from his energy.

4.) Last week, we received our patio furniture.  It was promised three weeks ago but only arrived last Thursday.  I now love sitting outside because the cushions are so comfortable.  Two of the chairs rock slightly so I’m able to burn off some of my post-election anxiety.

5.) Back on October 6th, we received a cease and desist letter from our HOA regarding the upgrades to our exterior.  They didn’t want us to improve our lot, dammit–they preferred the dead grass, dead plants, and dead exterior soul.  At all costs, they must keep everything the same!  We were TWO DAYS away from getting the plants put in so the yard was nearly done.  Since that day in October, our yard has been dirt (and mud when it rains).  70 days of dirt.  Today, the plants are here and they’re going in the ground.  Weehaw.  I cannot wait to see what it all looks like when the yard is all done.

And now it’s your turn.  Are you ready to start your own gratitude journal?  What is one thing that you’re most thankful for?



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