Gratitude Journal as of March 24, 2017

Writing in a journal for the blogThis post is coming to you courtesy of the scheduling capability of WordPress because right now, I’m probably still sleeping off the drugs that put me to sleep for oral surgery.  Yes, I had oral surgery yesterday, and it’s definitely on the list of things that I’m grateful for this week.

Without further ado, here’s the top 5 things I’ve grateful for as of March 24, 2017:

  1. I’ve been doing a daily meditation with an app called Headspace.  I believe it’s probably in the top 5 meditation apps on the iTunes store and for good reason.  The speaker’s voice is so soothing.  I’ve tried other meditation apps before but I was always so antsy with them.  I couldn’t sit still for 10 minutes.  With Headspace, the time feels like it flies so I’ve been more likely to follow-through.  I usually put the headphones on while I have the hot curlers in my hair while waiting for them to cool.  This activity has become a favorite of mine–sitting in my massage chair, headphones on my head over the curlers, with my eyes closed listening to some guy with a British accent.  Sure, it’s only 10 minutes but I really feel like I’m getting more out of it than the effort it takes.  How many activities can you say that about?
  2. I’m so grateful my husband, middle daughter, and I were able to take a quick trip to New York City a few weeks back to scout out colleges our daughter applied to.  Because of this trip, we were able to be excited for the acceptance letter that arrived on March 17th, otherwise I think we would have been full of fear.  And that leads to my number 3…
  3. My daughter got into all the schools she applied to and I’m grateful Madison gets to follow her dream of becoming an artist.  She’s worked so hard internally and externally to get into these schools.  She had to overcome her social anxiety and jump through hoops in order to get into art school.  One of those hoops was to provide a portfolio of selected artwork that represents her style.  Talk about putting oneself out there!  That, in itself, is newsworthy.  Social anxiety be damned!
  4. Living in the United States is still a privilege I am grateful for despite all the news lately.  Unlike in other countries, I can share my displeasure about what’s going on in the White House without fear of going to jail.
  5. My teeth are a mess and they’ve always been this way.  This week, I am so grateful that I can have my dental work completed while under the influence of drugs.  I don’t normally take drugs but getting my teeth worked on is a major exception.  If only I’d had these same drugs as a child, maybe I’d view a trip to the dentist differently.  My girls have no issues with the dentist because we’ve found an amazing group who makes it as painless as possible.  Even though Dr. Keller is a pediatric dentist, my girls will be going to him until they’re married!

And that’s all there is as of this day.  I look forward to seeing you here again next week.  Until then, enjoy yourselves, and think about what you’re grateful for.



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