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Text. Love.

hand-love-heart-by-the-sea-picjumbo-comThere are very few blogs I read. I’ll apologize now if you think I’ve been reading your blog.  Chances are I haven’t but I’ll put the blame squarely on the shoulders of my attention span–it’s much shorter on a computer as I prefer to read books.

Oddly enough, a book in my hand doesn’t suffer the same consequences as a blog post.  The only thing in my hand at the time of reading a book is a…book.  I don’t have multiple books open laying around my lap like I have tabs open.  Right now, I have only 7 tabs open on  my computer–this is very few compared to what there normally is running in the background.  I suppose it’s because we had a ‘Staycation’ (a word I despise) and I rarely opened my computer so lots of tabs were closed while on a break.

Anyway, my point is that I make almost no time to read a someone’s blog except Estrella Azul’s.  And do you know why?  Because her blog is interesting, she gives me unexpected writing ideas, and she reads my blog.  I’m not sure which of those reasons is most important to me but if I had to guess, I’d say that the second is one of the most important: she gives me writing ideas.

A recent blog post of hers was no exception.  She alerted me to the fact that Judy Clement Wall has come out with a new book.  I enjoyed 52 Weeks: 52 Weeks to Loving Your (Wild) Self so as soon as I heard that she had a new book available, I bought it, downloaded it to my Kindle, and read the first couple pages.

The name of Ms. Wall’s new book is Find Your Awesome.  It’s “A 30-Day Challenge to Fall in Love with Your Playful, Imaginative, & Colorful Self.”  The book is more of a creative journal rather than something one sits down and devours in four hours like binge-watching Mozart in the Jungle.

I love the first part of the journal where, even though it’s a 30 day challenge, there are no rules.  The challenges can be done in 30 days, 30 weeks, 30 years (but you probably shouldn’t wait that long), or any other time available.  I will attempt to do it all in 30 days.

Starting on May 15, 2017, Judy Clement Wall is participating in the challenge alongside her readers but I couldn’t wait; I needed something to occupy me now.  I signed up for the challenge but I’m hoping to start right this minute which is why I downloaded it to my Kindle.  By the time the official challenge begins, I should almost be done; however, I may start all over again!

Today’s challenge is to “text love.”  I completed this challenge before but it’s a new year with new circumstances.  I sent texts of love to people about a year ago, and it felt wonderful to be both the giver of happiness, and the recipient of words of love returned.  I need this challenge today more than ever as one of my closest friends decided to end our friendship over the weekend.  My heart is broken but I understand that sometimes people change and sometimes those changes are too large to surmount.

Today will be hard to send messages of love while my heart lies in pieces but perhaps one or two shards will be put back together, and it will be worth it to brighten someone else’s day.  And that’s why it’s called a challenge, right?  If it were easy, it’d be call the “30 Day Easy Peasy–Everyone Can Already Do This– Blue Ribbon Book of Stuff You Do Like Eat, Sleep, and Breathe.”

Texting love to someone will take the focus off of me and put it squarely on someone else.

So, I’m off to text love to people.  Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Text. Love.

  1. First off, aww, you’re so sweet! *hugs* I love it that you find inspiration and ideas to write about, on my blog. Mainly, because as much as my OCD hates it, I already had a couple of weeks sans blog posts going live. You make me want to try harder now! Thank you :*

    Hope your 30-day challenge goes well, I can’t wait to start the challenge in May, since I don’t have the book yet. But that is a great idea, to start over again even if you are nearly finished by the time it rolls around. I’m sure having other people doing it alongside you will also help in keeping you accountable. I know it’ll definitely help me!

    Happy belated Easter 😉

    1. I am now on to Day Two of the 30-Day Challenge. What I love the most about this is that I don’t have a week to forget what I’m supposed to be doing. I think about a task, do it, and then I write about it. Sounds like it’s going to be a great 30 days writing prompts. This is something I need desperately to keep me moving toward my goals so thank you once again for alerting me to J’s new book. I hope you get it soon!

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