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Life List Part Deux

luggage-compartment-1977186_640Thank goodness the back office section of WordPress makes it so easy to find stuff.  I simply typed in the search term ‘bucket list’ and there was what I had written.  Easy peasy.  Needless to say, I wasn’t as chatty last year as yesterday!

(Last year’s list) Here is my life list in no particular order of importance:

1.) Eat dinner with Anthony Bourdain somewhere in the world.
2.) Spend a year traveling the world, making sure to visit Altiplano
3.) Spend a year living in some other country.
4.) Go all over the US in an RV
I’m seeing a heavy duty travel interest here, how about you?
5.) Go to a Bruce Springsteen concert and sit somewhere in the sweat-on-me Bruce zone.
6.) Make a difference in someone’s life as a mentor or as an investor.
7.) Take one of my inventions to market. I’ve come up with so many ideas over the years and have done nothing with them.  Seeing the movie, Joy, reminded me of my numerous ideas and inventions.
8.) Live in a castle (or at least vacation in one).
9.) Own a Maserati–yeah, I know this seems materialistic but I view cars as art and I love the way Maseratis look.
10.) Eat my way through Italy. No sights, no tourist traps, just food without regard to how many pounds I gain. In fact, I’ll travel all over Italy in yoga pants!
11.) Get paid to write whether it’s in book form or weekly/bi-weekly/monthly blog posts.

From my list yesterday and the one today completed through an exercise in Find Your Awesome by Judy Clement Wall, it appears I haven’t changed much in my life goals.  I was going to add the ‘traveling all over the US in an RV’ to yesterday’s list but figured that writing ‘traveling the world’ would cover it.

I think it’s interesting that my goals haven’t changed over the past year because so much in my life has changed personally.  I’m amazed to see that I have the same ideas about what will make my life more successful.  When I’m on my death bed, I’m going to be really mad if I don’t achieve something that has made it to two lists in a year.

I had completely forgotten about my two star-struck entries; however.  Anthony Bourdain and Bruce.  Too funny.  Because Bruce supported Hillary and just came out with a new song that’s anti-Trump, I love him even more.  These two gentlemen will remain on my bucket list especially since I haven’t achieved either one of these goals!

Now that I have the two lists to compare, today’s homework is to pick a goal and make progress on that goal.  I choose ‘spend the year and travel the world.’  Although this seems like a lofty goal, I already have permission from my husband to go ahead and do it.  My youngest daughter wants to take a gap year from school and travel the world with me so I have a partner-in-crime.  My husband doesn’t enjoy traveling as much as I do so he’s happy to stay home.  I suppose if my daughter and I were to go somewhere really cool, he may fly to see us, but I’m not holding my breath.  He’s content to stay at home and do the same things every day.  I cannot wait to get the heck out of Dodge!

What I am going to do today and this weekend is to figure out which countries will be included in the year long travel extravaganza, ask my daughter where she’d like to go and report back to you on Monday.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


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