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Mother’s Day Weekend

I made a wish with all the change I had the last time I was at San Diego Botanic Gardens.

The countdown to Mother’s Day begins.  On one hand, I love the day because it’s a ‘for sure’ day that I won’t have to cook dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind cooking dinner but sometimes it’s a great feeling knowing that someone else will do all the necessary steps to put food in front of my family.  I don’t have to plan, shop, prepare, and then clean up — someone else is doing the job.

The other thing I love is I can drag everyone anywhere and they have to go because Mother’s Day is one step further up on the importance ladder than my birthday.  Say I want to go to the San Diego Botanic Gardens and traipse all over the the fruit tree or bamboo gardens, nobody can say, “But I don’t wanna go!”  They have to go and feign interest in the Cephalocerus sinilis for a few hours.  Although I can hear their eyes rolling and the non-stop yawning, I usually reward them for their patience at the snack bar.

The power I have on Mother’s Day is heady but I don’t really take advantage of it.  In fact, I don’t take advantage of it at all.  I do things that I know the kids like to do.  For example, this Sunday I will go see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 because I know everyone wants to see it anyway.  And since it’s my ‘cheat day,’ I’ll be able to have some popcorn–much better than the last time I went to the movies where everyone was crunching their corn with abandon while I sipped my non-crunchy water.  Being on a diet at the movie theater is like being in Hell for two hours.  I suppose that I should be grateful that this kind of Hell ends.

Next, I’ll have everyone take me to The 3rd Corner for dinner.  Again, it’s a family favorite and because so many restaurants have popped up in recent years in Encinitas, I’m sure they still have room for my party of 5 (prayer hands emojii).  And I’ll order the cheese plate because that’s what everyone wants.  And I’ll order the salmon because it makes everyone laugh while saying, “I knew you’d get that.”  It’s comforting to the kids to know that I’m consistent.  Kids need and crave consistency despite their protests to the contrary.  Fortunately, I love salmon so it’s not a stretch to order it at every restaurant we head to.  Dessert will be the same and I’m sure I’ll have wine…

All-in-all, it will be a wonderful day spent in the company of the three most wonderful children a mom could ever have.

Let’s get this weekend started, shall we??  What are you doing for Mother’s Day?



2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. I’m just hanging out for Mother’s Day & hoping I’ll hear from one of the kids.
    You always hear from them when they live at home. Sometimes you’ll even get a gift from them or a card or maybe their loving father will take you out to dinner and foot the bill.
    It’s when the kids move away, have their own lives, are caught up in their own dreams and visions (as you always hoped that they would be)… that you just sit around and hope for a phone call.

    1. This is true. Mother’s Day 2018 will have one less child present because she’ll be living her dream 3,000 miles away so that makes this Mother’s Day that much more special.

      Enjoy your Mother’s Day, your potential dinner, and I hope you get many phone calls!

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