Leveling Up: Cathie Does Callanetics

StockSnap_VGPLL83YGRI’ll admit I am sore but it’s the good kind of sore.  You know the kind when you stretch and you feel your muscles almost cry tears of joy?  I have moved up from Level I to Level II using the Callanetics DVD called: Callanetics Countdown: 30 Days to a More Beautiful Body with Lacey Kondi as the fitness instructor.  My goal was to complete the 30 day video in 30 days but I was too sore to do the exercises yesterday so I will turn on the DVD player this a.m. after I write my review and get on with the program.

My new plan is to give myself a chance to get used to the new level and then do it daily.  Right now my inner left thigh is vibrating like it’s an iPhone getting nonstop text messages and alerts.  The good news is I can sleep through its annoying persistence.

The Differences Between Level I and Level II

Lacey Kondi has kept the core exercises from Level I and added more repetitions.  On Level I, if you did 75 reps of a certain exercise, now you do 100.  Or in the case of abs, there’s an additional exercise, so you’re doing an extra 100!  No wonder my abs feel like they’ve taken a beating.

There are a few new movements but nothing overwhelming, and because you already have a foundation, it’s easy to adjust to the additions.

What I Like About This DVD:

  1. No equipment is needed.  You use your body weight to do the exercise.
  2. It is somewhat fast-paced for the people with 0 attention span.
  3. There isn’t any annoying music to distract.
  4. Lacey is positive and upbeat.
  5. The increased levels.

What I Don’t Like About This DVD:

  1. Lacey talks nonstop so you never know when to pay attention.  Initially, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the video for a second because her instructions are not boiled down and clear.  Personally, I need bulletpoints like put your body like this, move your head this way, lie still, turn over.  Most of the time, I tune her out–probably a skill I’ve learned from being a mom of three girls :-).  What I have found, though, is when I’ve got the basic movement down, I can listen to all her additional instructions on another workout day.  What she should do is demonstrate the move for the audience first, then demonstrate the modified version, and then begin all the reps.
  2. The modified movements are not given right away; I feel the modifications should be given right after the instructions are presented for the advanced way.
  3. There isn’t a list of items you may need prior to the video starting.  Turns out you may need blocks, and you need a chair.  I had to run around gathering this stuff in the middle of the DVD.

Despite my complaints, I must say that I feel like it’s having an impact on my body shape even though it’s only been 6 days.  My arms look and feel firmer like I have been weight lifting.  I liked this DVD enough to buy another by Lacey Kondi called Callanetics: Wake Up/Wind Down Workout which I will critique another day.

If you’re looking for a way in which to firm up quickly without bulking up and without needing any expensive equipment or an expensive gym membership, I recommend Callanetics Countdown: 30 Days to a More Beautiful Body.


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