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6 Reasons to Smile in June 2017

We are one week into July and I know I’m a little bit late for this post; however, I’ve recently returned from a trip to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England and I’m feeling the effects of jet lag but it is one of the reasons to smile in June.

Without further ado, here are the reasons I smiled in June.  What made you smile last month?

In early June, my dreams for my office became a reality and my built-ins were completed.  I’m so happy and proud of the transformation because not only did I design the built-ins, but I followed-through on the office’s completion.  Now all I have to do is order the pulls, pick out a rug, get a cushion made for the “window” seat, buy a chair, and find/put up some art along with selecting a lamp or two.  That should take another year!  Meanwhile, I’m writing this sitting out on my couch…

2.  My daughter, Madison, received two awards for her art.  As a senior, this was the last awards ceremony I have to attend for her.  It was a bittersweet moment as I took in this celebration of her accomplishments.

Madison receives her second award while Mr. Wright gives a speech about her.

3.  With all the memories rushing by me in a flash, Madison graduates from high school, and she graduates with honors.  My adorable, sweet, kind, loving daughter graduated with a 4.04 GPA over her 4 years.  In her final year, her GPA was somewhere closer to 4.2.  I’m so proud of everything she’s overcome and accomplished during her four years–actually all her years.  Her social anxiety used to be crippling but she’s managing it now–just look at that stride to grab her diploma!

Madison walking across the field to reach the finish line of high school.

4.  We have such a small family despite my best efforts 🙂 and every family member who could make it to Madison’s graduation descended on our home in June.  I particularly enjoyed my sister’s company, and was so happy she and her family could fly to San Diego for the occasion.  I know it’s expensive to vacation in San Diego and I appreciated the effort.

My sister and I didn’t really get along as kids and young adults.  Now that we’re older, it seems we have more in common.  She’s definitely one reason I smiled this past month!

Melissa, my sister, on the left; we are on the beach at sunset in Encinitas, California

5.  Every year I take a kid or kids to the San Diego County Fair (formerly, and forever known to me as the Del Mar Fair).  I hate going and dread going but I feel it’s a child’s right and a parent’s duty to go so I suck it up every single year, and smile hugely when my job is done.  One part of the fair that has made it palatable are the displays.  They have plants, flowers, gardens, animals, gemstones, art, jewelry, etc., etc., so I’ve found the items I love to check out and head in their direction.  I found one rose this year that was particularly amazing, and oh, how I love Dahlias.  It is my most favorite flower and comes in so many shapes and sizes.

6.  And the final reason to smile was a two week trip to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and London, England.  I took nearly 1000 pictures–too many to pick only one thing so I will only share my artsy photo on the planes as I’m stuck in the window seat (my least favorite place due to claustrophobia), and one bonus photo of one of my most favorite memories of the whole trip–the serenity of Wales, my new favorite place.

Oh, yay.  On the wing at the window for an 8 hour flight.
The serenity of this scene cannot be understated: no traffic, no people, only nature, and the insane quiet of a sunset in Wales. And, yes, this was the front of the hotel.

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