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Passenger Plane

As you may remember from previous posts, I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss.  I’ve almost finished his book Tools of Titans which was an enormous undertaking as it’s 736 pages.  Unfortunately, because it is so chock-full with timeless, expert advice, I’m going to have to start all over from the beginning once I finish.  Sigh.  Note to self:  take copious notes when it’s Tim!  At the very least, I should have had a highlighter right next to me while reading.

I also listen to Tim’s podcasts, and like a true fan-girl, I’ve preordered his newest book Tribe of Mentors, due out November 21st.  Here’s hoping it arrives on my doorstep on that day (less than a month to go!).  I’ve also read some of his other books like the 4-Hour Workweek and the 4-Hour Body, and although they both made sense, I didn’t truly appreciate all Tim Ferriss had to offer until I started listening to his podcast.  He interviews people like I would: random questions I want to know the answers to thrown out in a random order.  I love talking to interesting people and finding out where they came from and how’d they got where they are (both physically and professionally), and all their bumps along the way.  Tim interviews people who have not only been around the block a few times but own the block.

Earlier this month, Tim (we’re best buds, dontchaknow) sent out a sample chapter of his Tribe of Mentors book and I stopped what I was doing to read it.  In the sample chapter, he had a list of questions he asks the people he interviews.  It got me thinking about how I would answer the questions he poses and decided to take up a blog post once a month to answer them.  I will answer the questions in random order because, for some of them, I cannot think of a single thing to say.  But since I know that sometimes the answers come to me while lathering up in the shower, I will keep the questions percolating at the back of my brain until the answers do come.  I have faith that there will be something brought out from the cold, dark recesses of my mind.  Sometimes all one needs is a little bit of patience.

Without further ado, and with giving proper credit to Tim Ferriss, here’s how I would answer question #6 if I were famous and he was interviewing me for his podcast.

Question #6:  What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

I know he asks this as an ‘or’ question but I have answers to both.  One of my unusual habits is I wear the same outfit (down to my underwear) anytime I am getting on a plane to fly anywhere.  So far it’s worked out okay, although it was quite chilly going from Philadelphia to Chicago to San Diego one year in early November while wearing a rather flimsy black skirt, a short-sleeved shirt, and black sandals.  My toes totally froze in the Ohare Airport after landing there for a layover before heading home; I guzzled cup after cup of hot coffee (‘cawfee’ in Philly speak) trying to get my extremities warm.

I also bring along the same neck pillow to clutch during take-off and landing on flights.  God help us if I can’t find the pillow.  I do have some spares as back-ups but I never feel quite as safe as when I have the pillow.  I put my arms in a certain way surrounding the pillow and close my eyes waiting for take-off.  Flying makes me superstitious.

Question #2 is easy to answer: An absurd thing I love is my car.  I know we are not supposed to love material goods in this life but the question asks what ‘absurd’ thing do you love.  I know it’s absurd but every time I see my car I feel a wave of love.  It brings me such joy even though certain parts of it no longer work.  My husband promised me a new car last year and never followed through but I’m okay with this one.  It still makes my heart race.

Did anything come to your mind when you read Tim’s question?  What weird habit do you have that you can’t/won’t stop?  Or, what is an absurd thing you love?  I hope to see your responses in the comments section below!

NOTE:  I do not receive any compensation in any form from recommending Tim Ferris books or podcasts–I just love his work, and recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their lives, or just hear about how other people found success, and I don’t just mean financial success.  I mean all types of success.




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