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6 Reasons to Smile October 2017

San Diego is finally starting to cool down.  So happy that I might get to wear my sweaters after all.  The weather forecast is even calling for rain on the first weekend in November but I’ll believe it when I see it.  Rain in San Diego is one of those things that makes me smile every time, and if it happens to occur on the weekend, even better–no place to be except at home in front of the NetFlix crackling fire 🙂

I compiled the 6 Reasons to Smile for October and I even have one late bonus.  Here’s hoping you had tons to smile about this month, too.

  1.  One would think that after being in San Diego for over 30 years that I’ve done everything there is to do activity-wise.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I did check off one more thing from my list in October, though, and it not only made me smile but it also got me a little sick, made me laugh, and took me way out of my comfort zone.  Talk about a cascade of emotions.  What was this one thing that gave me bonus feelings along with smiling?  It was a kayak tour of the La Jolla caves and shoreline.  Wow.  Just wow.  I got to see nature up close as well as the largest coastal house in La Jolla.   You can take the girl out of real estate but you’ll never take the real estate out of the girl.  Looking back on this adventure, I’m not sure if I’ll become an avid kayaker or never do that again–we shall wait and see.La Jolla Cave Tour
  2. I got to see my darling daughter, Madison, for a family weekend at her school in New York.  So, not only did I get to travel (something I love to do) but I also got to see my baby girl.  There are no words strong enough to convey my happiness so I’ll stop here.
    My first ride in a New York subway with our lovely tour guide.

    3.  I had an unexpected additional eight days alone in New York with my daughter.  I enjoyed my time with my girl so much.  We saw so many things that it’s hard to nail down what made me smile the most but I have to say that maybe it wasn’t the things seen but the time spent with my daughter seeing them that was so special.

    4.  While we were visiting our daughter in New York for family weekend, my oldest daughter was in Puerta Vallarta for a wedding.  At the airport in Mexico, my daughter had the good fortune of spotting one of my favorite men to ogle (I’m almost embarrassed to say who) but she got a great picture of Brody Jenner and sent it to me.  Bonus: she saw him when she arrived in Mexico and she saw him again when she was leaving (insert heart throbbing here).  Devon is always spotting celebrities.  While in LA one time she saw Rhianna and Don Cheedle (not together), and while in Greece, she ran into one of the Sharks from Shark Tank.

    Nobody knew who this gorgeous creature was but I sure do 😉

    5.  A friend of mine has a bi-annual (once every two years) Halloween party.  She doesn’t do it every year because it’s a lot of work setting up the decorations.  Marinela goes all out and this year was no different.  I didn’t have any idea what I was going to dress up as, and trying to figure it out was made more difficult because my husband was supposed to attend the party with me.  I had suggested that he be King Henry the VIII because he enjoyed beheading his wives ;-0.  And of course I was going to be Queen Catherine–I was even considering creating a head to carry with me because that would have added some additional interest.  At the last second, my husband decided he didn’t want to go so I was suddenly free to come up with my own idea and I decided on Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Its significance is that I need to ‘follow the Yellow Brick Road’ to my destiny.  I added something to the costume by gluing on a piece of the Yellow Brick Road to my red glittery shoes. (Update: plans executed on the day of the party aren’t going to happen.  Oh, well, I have an even better Halloween costume idea for 2019!  I ended up being a sexy pirate wench–I’ll include a picture if the one that exists gets sent to me).

    6.  I absolutely had to smile at my book club.  I started this group back in April and although I always read the books, it’s really just become this girls night out kind of thing.  We might discuss the 485 page book we just read (Pachinko) in about five minutes or less, or we might ignore it altogether.  One of the ladies has become a very dear friend already.  We hit it off the moment we met which is so rare as an adult.  I wish I could explain it so that I could look for it and replicate this instant bond but then I guess it wouldn’t be special.

    Book Heart

7.  BONUS:  Sir Richard Branson replied to a comment I made about a picture he shared.  I got a response from somebody with a SIR in front of his name.  I discovered this on October 27th and SCREAMED while smiling in my car.  I still can’t get over it!!  I was smiling and screaming at the same time.  I’m still in shock.

Sir Richard Branson Replies to Me

October was over in a flash, wasn’t it?  It’s crazy to me how quickly this year is flying by without a backward glance.  Be sure to sit down, take a couple of deep breaths, and look back on October to see what made you smile.  But if you can’t think of anything, here’s a picture I took last year at Jenkins Aboretum in Devon, PA.  Nothing makes me smile wider than trees, and trees in autumn are my absolute favorite–they’re like the last of the fall flowers before the snow blankets the Earth.  I never would have found the aboretum except a friend alerted me to the sign showing its close proximity to my AirBnb.  This picture always makes me smile.  Happy Halloween and Happy November!

Jenkins Aboretum in Devon, Pennsylvania

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