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Six Reasons to Smile November 2017

There were a lot of beautiful sunsets in November.

Yes, I know it’s the middle of December and I’m only just now getting to Six Reasons to Smile for November but November was a month full of writing emails instead of blog posts.  Truth be told, I wasn’t in the mood to write a blog post but now I realize I have a goal to work against:  my goal for this year was to make it to 300 posts.  I won’t reach the goal but every blog post puts me closer to being less of a loser.  This Six Reasons to Smile is number 267 so I would only have to do 1.7 posts per day from now until the end of December to reach my goal.  Totally doable.  Cough.

Since it’s nearly half-way through December, I had to look back at my calendar to remind myself what happened, what made me smile.  Unfortunately, I didn’t write a whole lot down so I will try to make some things up!

1.) Sam asked me to make my famous (in my own house, anyway) candied sweet potatoes for the potluck in her homeroom.  That made me smile because I never knew how much she liked those potatoes.  I made sure she had a lot for her classmates and I also made a mental note to make a lot more than I usually do for Thanksgiving.  Plenty of leftovers.  Anything to get some vitamins into that kid!

2.) My oldest daughter turned 24.  Yikes, where does the time keep going?  The best part about that day was that Devon wasn’t expecting any gifts and I managed to find her the perfect ones to surprise her with.  I love making people smile and my big girl smiled big on her special day.

Happy birthday big girl.


3.) Also related to my daughter’s birthday, my youngest suggested we put the candles on the cake on the sides since the top was full of roses.  It totally worked and was so funny–who would have thought to put candles around the sides!

Candles around the cake.

4.)  Our neighbors had their baby this month–precisely one month to the day before my birthday.  She’s such a beautiful baby.  Nick and I got to spend an afternoon with the new mom and dad.  I had the opportunity to hold her for a few hours but that was in December so I’ll have to save that for this month’s post as well.

5.)  My mom flew to San Diego for Thanksgiving and brought amazing cheese and crackers for snacking on.  It was not only great she could join us for an additional visit this year but her cheese and crackers gifts got us through a very long day of no snacks.  I hadn’t thought we would need anything because the turkey seems to always get done in record time.  Not this year, though–we had a 20 pounder so it took longer to cook.

6.)  My daughter, Madison, flew home from New York for Thanksgiving.  Having all my children home at one time is always going to make me smile.

A bit blurry but the dogs were as excited as the humans to see Madison

What about you?  What made you smile this November?

P.S.  I promise to be more Johnny on the spot for December’s post.


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