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Birthday Wishes

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The first text of my birthday came from a friend I’ve known since the 5th grade:

“Happy birthday!  You should change your Facebook privacy settings so people can wish you a happy day there, too!”

What’s funny about this is that I am not on Facebook.  I got back on for a brief stint in October, regretted it, and got off again.  I ended my relationship with Facebook back at the end of July and I truly haven’t missed it since.  Getting back on was a mistake in October, and one I haven’t repeated for over two months.

A few days ago another friend told me she’d inbox me a video of something funny.  Another friend asked if I’d seen that another person had gotten back on Facebook after his time in jail.  And yet another said that I had to have a Facebook account in order to join a women’s group.

Not one of these close friends noticed I was gone from Facebook.  Now I have evidence that nobody realized I wasn’t there.  And these aren’t ‘frenz,’ these are actual people I talk to almost on a daily basis.  How could they not know?

So happy birthday to me–learning I’m not significant to many, only a few, but that is all that matters to me especially as I am now another year older.


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