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6 Reasons to Smile January 2018

Geez, I’m really behind on my posts.  I read that when a writer feels some burnout, she should take a break, and that’s what I did.  Although I wouldn’t say I was burned out so much as out of ideas, or the ideas I thought would work as a post didn’t excite me enough to write.

No matter the excuse, this is late and I know it–especially given that it’s long past mid-February.

Without further hesitation, the 6 reasons I smiled in January 2018 are as follows:

Sam celebrated her 17th birthday.  Pretty soon she’ll be old enough to make her own healthcare decisions.  Pretty soon she’ll be able to live where she wants.  I’m sorry that my husband has held her back so much.  I’ll be happy when she’s in charge.

Happy 17th birthday to Sam!

2.  Madison celebrated her 19th birthday a few days after Sam.  She celebrated her first birthday not surrounded by her family.  The good news is that she has a nice roommate.  Madison has been very depressed so I suggested she take her roommate and go to a Broadway show for her birthday.  It’s something she won’t be able to do if she changes schools in the Fall.  Coincidentally, one of the few Broadway shows that still had seats available was for one she was supposed to see while we were in London but it didn’t work out.  Madison and Sophia saw Kinky Boots.  She sent a picture from after the show and she looks happy.  My only goal in life is to make sure my children are happy.

Sophia on the left & a newly minted 19-year-old Madison on the right

3.  The Philadelphia Eagles (my hometown team) won the playoffs and went to the Super Bowl.  Need I say more?  The only thing that would have made me happier is if I had been there in person to take in all the Eagles spirit.

Cheers to the Philadelphia Eagles!

4.  I donate monthly to a little boy named Yankuba Kassama in Africa.  I chose him because his birthday is in January like 2/3 of my children.  He’s been sending me things for a while but they were always generic–this drawing touched my heart.  I love that he took the time to draw me a picture.  I made it a goal in January to write to him but I’m always stopped at the question, what would I say?  “Hi, Yankuba.  It’s awesome here.  I own a house, many cars, and we own closets full of clothes”?  Or how about this one, “I grew up very poor, too.”  Um, no…not as poor as he and his family are.  So each day that passes, I write nothing.


5.  I started a new BeachBody program and I was almost able to do all the workouts.  I was surprised because I haven’t worked out that hard since December 2016 or so.  Once my Ideal Protein counselor told me not to exercise, nobody had to tell me twice.  I still walk my dogs for miles on end but that’s much of an exercise routine.  The BeachBody regimen is very strenuous but doable.  My only complaint is that when you need to modify the exercise, they don’t show the modifier lady until the exercise is almost over.  As an ‘all or nothing’ kind of gal, this is frustrating.  I do recommend the 80 Day Obsession, though, especially if you want to get into amazing shape.

BeachBody’s 80 Day Obsession Program

6.  My daughter’s dog, Brody, never fails to make me smile.  He looks at me with such confusion as I talk to him (I talk to him a lot), and when he tilts his head and looks at me with his tongue out, even bigger smiles on my part.


Well, that was it for January.  What made you smile in January?  It could be anything simple or complex.  Post below and let me know!

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