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Medium Mastery: A Review at 24%


Once upon a time, maybe last month, I wanted to be a prolific writer.  I imagined sitting down every single day and spinning out word gold on my laptop.  Look at me thinking that writing is easy–it’s not.  Writing is hard!

My biggest obstacle is my lack of follow-through and my incredibly low attention span.  I start new projects every single day and rarely finish them unless it’s something like laundry or dishes.  Laundry and dishes are easy compared to writing.

And if I’m really being honest, the basic feeling I have is that I’m not a good writer and nobody wants to read what I have to say anyway.

There, I said it before you had the chance.

Yet I keep writing because I like to write when it flows.

But I need to learn how to keep writing even when it doesn’t flow.  I need to learn how to write when I have nothing to say.  I need to learn how to keep writing even when every word I type sucks.  I need to publish every post even if I am not proud of it.  I need to publish every post even if I cringe when I hear someone has read what I’ve written.

I need to write every single day without fail, and I’m finally achieving this goal after learning why I write, and almost as importantly, why I don’t.

Back in March, I signed up for a blogging course.  It was promoted as a way to make money from your blog.  I was keenly interested in making some cash from this blog or a new one.  But then I wasn’t passionate about my topic and I let the blog slowly die.

I started another new blog, created its logo (I even like the logo), and didn’t write one post even though I continued writing here.  I also let that one die.

Maybe, and here’s an interesting thought–making money is not my whole reason for writing.  Hmmmmm….I wish this realization would have come to me before plopping down $895!  I should have known this about myself.  After all, in my previous career in real estate, I wanted to be of service most of all.  I loved doing a good job, wowing my clients, demonstrating my competency, but helping people find the home of their dreams was my ultimate goal.  Notice I didn’t mention one word about the incredible income potential.

I will never be motivated by money–it’s not my thing.

Some good did come from the purchase of the blogging course, though, and that was a reply to me from another course member after I posted a question in the closed Facebook group about ditching my blog and starting over from scratch.  She suggested I test out my ideas for a new blog on  I had only ever read posts on Medium prior to her introduction to the platform.  For some reason I thought all writers on Medium were paid professionals.

Fast forward to July of this year and I discovered that one of my friends wrote a few posts for Medium.  She’s a great writer so I assumed she had been hired by them to generate some stories because I still hadn’t looked into Medium.

Milli wrote a book about overcoming the fear of writing, has written numerous articles for her travel blogging website, and has even self-published a few chick-lit novels on Amazon.

Little did I know that anyone can write on Medium and Milli learned how to from Medium Mastery, a course owned and taught by Thomas Kuegler.

I read Milli’s review of Thomas’s course, asked her a few questions, waited a few weeks to think about paying for yet another course that I might not finish, and then I finally pulled the trigger and bought Medium Mastery.

So far, I’ve only completed 24% of the Medium Mastery course.  I am on module two and there are a total of five modules.  Without a doubt, I will finish, and without a doubt, I recommend Thomas’s course.

If your goal is to publish articles that will be seen, or if your goal is to make money from your writing, please consider signing up for Medium Mastery.

For a limited time, if you follow the highlighted links in this post, and put in the code ORIOLES at check-out, you will receive $100 off.  That’s a huge savings.

Even though I am only 24 percent completed (it’s self-paced), I have written and published two posts on, and have generated over 25 future blog post ideas from simply listening to Thomas’s instructional videos.  If I keep this pace up, I should have well over 125 by the time I finish the course–maybe more!

Learning how to write on has brought back the joy of writing to me.  I am writing for an audience rather than for money.  I receive claps instead of cash.  The cool thing is that should I decide to make a few dollars from my writing, I have that option, too.

I am writing more often and with more consistency–a huge change from before Thomas’s course.  Although he is teaching how to use Medium as a writing platform and a way to make some money, I’ve learned so much more about me and why I write than I could have gotten from anywhere else.  Thank you, Thomas!



Disclosure:  I am an affiliate of Medium Mastery but I do not promote businesses I do not use and/or believe in.  I will receive a commission from Thomas at no cost to you.




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