Taking Advice from Tom

Photo by fancycrave1

Normally I don’t promote what I’ve written for another website on Bloggoneit but this time I’m going to, and here’s why.  I had a goal today of creating a blog post.  One simple blog post.  That was my writing goal.  It seemed easy enough at 7 a.m. but I had the same goal yesterday and nothing more than an email to a friend was written.  I also got a lot written on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…but I digress.

Unfortunately it’s now 12:18 p.m. and despite 3 cups of coffee and doing all the usual things it takes for me to sit down and create a blog post (dishes/laundry/dusting/pulling weeds), I still haven’t written one.

The clock is ticking and it’s nearly time to begin my other role: mom.

I was just about to call it a day again but I recently read a post from Thomas Kuegler where he gives permission to repost old work, so I’m going to take Tom up on his suggestion.  Is it a cop out?  Maybe.  Is it lazy?  Maybe.  But, look, the reality is that I’m going to hit publish and check off a box today, unlike yesterday.

This particular piece I’m about to refer you to is not old–I just finished and posted it last week.  The words are not ‘hot off the press’, but are certainly still very warm.  Fair warning, though, it’s a long piece.

Without further ado and endless explanations and excuses, here’s what I wrote about the dangers of Iceland on Milliver’s Travels.



P.S.  Before I let you go, if you need a writing prompt for your own goals, I have one to get you started…tell me if you’ve ever been on vacation and you witnessed a tourist being stupid, or even more horrifying, if you witnessed a death.  Maybe you were the stupid tourist and nearly died??  Share your story into the comments section below–I’d love to read your tale.


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