Life Lessons

How Three Little Words Broke A Mom’s Heart

September 11 2018

NOTE:  I wrote what follows below many years ago on my Facebook page but I have never forgotten the woman or her story.

The day before Mother’s Day, 2002, I was in a vacation rental dropping off something. The agent was there along with a cleaning crew. Completely uncharacteristic of me, I wished a stranger a very happy Mother’s Day. She choked back a sob and then ran out of the condo. I looked questioningly at the cleaning crew. They told me that the agent’s son, wife & newborn baby had died on September 11th. They had only been in NY for a meeting the son had to attend, a requirement of his company. The new family lived in San Diego, so a trip to New York would be a great way to mix work and fun. The son brought his wife & newborn son to work and was introducing his new family to his co-workers. They were all in one of the twin towers and did not make it out. I will never forget.


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